Voice platform

An integrated voice platform from a single provider.

It is an end-to-end, cloud-based solution for your company’s communications – giving you the ability to manage voice calls, send and receive messages, and network your existing voice solutions: landline and mobile.

Depending on your needs, you will be able to create an effective call policy that will help you provide better service to your customers, build workstations for marketing campaigns, and optimize your company’s telecommunications infrastructure costs.

Platforma głosowa

A complete solution

There are three functional areas within the service.

Voice Platform

It combines the functionality of a virtual PBX, Call/Contact Center solution and bulk messaging. It allows you to integrate all your voice, mobile and desktop solutions into a single, complete system, including services such as:

  • IVR,
  • call queuing,
  • internal abbreviated numbering,
  • reports and call statistics,
  • call recording,
  • teleconferencing,
  • bulk SMS/MMS,
  • e-mail-to-message (SMS, MMS, FAX),
  • management from the level of WWW panel or API integration.

Voice Platform

SIP account with fixed numbering, attractive tariff plans and a wide selection of IP phones.
Each employee in the company can use a different tariff plan depending on their tasks. The tariff plans allow you to make unlimited domestic and/or international calls under fixed charges.
This approach allows you to accurately plan your company’s telecom expenses.

Voice Platform

Access to the public telephone network via a link type that matches your infrastructure:

  • SIP Trunk (backup, primary link),
  • ISDN PRI/BRI digital line.

As part of the solution we offer:

  • support in link dimensioning and design,
  • number of voice channels adapted to individual customer needs,
  • SLA.


Nagrywanie PRO

PRO Recording

The service of recording and archiving voice calls and SMS messages is compliant with the requirements of the MIFID II regulation. It has the ability to record incoming calls – both through the access number of the Group’s Voice Platform and those going directly to employees’ landline and mobile numbers.

Nagrywanie PRO


  • dedicated panel for archiving and cataloguing recordings,
  • encryption of recordings, including with the use of an asymmetric public key,
  • 2-channel recording in .mp3 or .wave formats,
  • voice announcements informing about call recording: individual for each user, with the possibility of placing them in the IVR,
  • archiving of recordings on dedicated or shared disc space,
  • possibility of archiving recordings on client’s infrastructure,
  • possibility to integrate with an archive management tool by API,
  • additional call tagging with DTMF code.

How it works

Mobile telephony

The mobile telephony solution is based on T-Mobile’s own network, allowing for voice calls, but also advanced functionalities of a virtual PBX, sending SMS messages using a dedicated WWW application, sending and receiving fax messages and recording both mobile and landline calls.

Landline telephony

For landline telephony, access to the Voice Platform is based on any Internet connection or a dedicated line, which ensures security, reliability and high quality of calls.


Product benefits:

No start-up costs

The subscription fee model allows for full predictability and easy planning.

Guaranteed continuity of work

The agreement is fully redundant, with the possibility of signing an SLA of up to 99.99%.

Friendly API

Easy migration with enterprise applications, e.g. CRM, Microsoft Exchange.

Easy to manage

Configuration and management using a user-friendly panel available through the browser.

Bulk messaging

Possibility of bulk sending of personalized SMS and MMS messages.

Extensive additional functionality

Virtual reception desk, administration panel, call recording, calendar of cyclical events, advanced teleconference module.

Comprehensive service

All platform support is on T-Mobile's side.

One invoice

One operator, one competence and support centre.

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