Wi-Fi as a Service

Build your wireless network infrastructure with Wi-Fi as a Service.

It is a comprehensive solution for those who want to provide devices in the company, as well as their clients, with access to Wi-Fi network and do not have the ability to independently organize and manage network devices.
Wireless network plays a key role today. We connect more and more smart devices to the network to get information faster and to simplify and accelerate processes in our companies.
However, the key condition is its security and reliability.
The innovative and efficient network infrastructure offered in the service model enables the construction of secure Wi-Fi and LAN networks.

Additionally, for distributed locations, T-Mobile offers security devices that allow access to business information through a VPN connection and enable remote working for your employees.
As part of the service, T-Mobile provides full implementation on the customer side: needs analysis, designing an optimal solution, comprehensive implementation and providing 24/7 remote support.


Starting at PLN 59 net/month.

Key features of Meraki MR

  • Improved coverage.
  • Bandwidth optimization.
  • Protection against network threats.

  • Heat maps and user traffic analytics.
  • Preview of network and access points performance.


We offer the service based on Cisco Meraki devices.

The solution is based on Cisco Meraki technology, which is the leading technology in the field of cloud-managed networks, allowing for quick implementation of network usage policy in the company regardless of the number of devices and their location.
Additionally, thanks to security features, users receive protection against attacks or malware.

Complementary solutions

  • MG 21E Cellular Modem (LTE)

    MG 21E Cellular Modem (LTE)

    Increases the speed and stability of the LTE signal in challenging locations.
    Allows easy access to the network by using the LTE card.
    The special feature of this device is that it can be mounted up to 100 m from any point.

    MG 21E Cellular Modem (LTE)
  • Z3 Teleworker Gateway

    Z3 Teleworker Gateway

    Teleworker Meraki is used for remote work, enabling remote and secure access to company resources.
    The advantage of this device is very easy creation of secure site-to-site VPN to the central location.
    Small offices will surely appreciate this solution.

    Z3 Teleworker Gateway
  • MS Switch

    MS  Switch

    Switches for LAN, enabling very clear and simple network traffic analysis according to TOP applications, user activity in given applications or traffic types.
    Transparent graphical interface per all defined network significantly facilitates daily management.

    MS  Switch
  • MX Security

    MX  Security

    MX security appliances based on the award-winning Cisco Meraki cloud-based management architecture.
    The MX hardware platform is designed to perform deep packet analysis at Layer 7.
    High throughput and performance, provides a number of advanced security features:

    • IPS unauthorized access detection,
    • content filtering,
    • web search filtering,

    • anti-virus system,
    • anti-phishing system and IPsec VPN creation.

    MX  Security

Product advantages


No hardware outlays (capex) and significant optimization of operational costs related to network management (opex).


Protection of corporate data against network phishing.


Simplified management and insight into the entire infrastructure from a single location, available 24/7.


Adaptable offer with the possibility of expansion at any time.


Enterprise-class solution ideal for small and medium businesses.


  • Animation: How to choose data transmission solutions for your business?

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