Internet of Things

T-Mobile is a proven provider of Internet of Things - IoT services in Poland.

T-Mobile operates Poland’s only commercial Narrowband-IoT network with nationwide coverage, operating in the 800 MHz LTE licensed radio band.
Narrowband IoT NB-IoT standard belongs to the LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) family.

  • Low Power enables operating on a single battery for many years, even with frequent measurements and taking into account aspects such as self-discharge and battery degradation.
  • Wide Area – data in a mobile network are transmitted even in difficult conditions, e.g. in urban areas, where the radio signal is exposed to many obstacles that interfere with transmission, or at places that attenuate radio waves, such as cellars or underground infrastructure.

The Narrowband-IoT network offers excellent coverage in hard-to-reach areas with minimal power consumption. It is dedicated to Internet of Things sensor networks (including readings from utility meters, air monitoring stations, waste bin filling level indicators or parking occupancy sensors).
The technology is available throughout Poland and in countries of the Deutsche Telekom group.

Internet rzeczy

Smart metering of utilities

Internet of Things

Using the NB-IoT network, we offer a smart metering service for utilities, allowing for quick and effective data acquisition from metering points in utility (district heating, water supply, gas and power) nodes.

As part of the service we offer:

Internet of Things

Remote reading

Unmanned, remote reading within a unified system based on a dedicated NB- IoT network and compatible metering devices.

Complete sets

  • Meters.
  • Telemetry modules .
  • Software.
  • Dedicated IoT platform.
  • Access to the NB- IoT network.

Automation of readings

Readings from thousands of sensors are taken daily and delivered with a high service quality level. The IoT system optimises the work of your company’s measurement and service departments.

Long range and safety

Narrowband – IoT network is available nationwide and works in places previously inaccessible to mobile networks. Dedicated and licensed band eliminates the problem of noise and interference from other networks.


  • Examples of NB- IoT enabled devices.

    • Gas meters with remote reading.
    • Sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure and flooding.
    • Sensors for heat meters and heat node controllers.
    • Water meters with built in modem.
    • Overlays for existing water meters.
    • Sensors for agriculture.
  • NB-loT battery-powered sensors - features.

    • Industrial sensor kits for environmental testing and machine control.
    • T-Mobile lab certification.
    • Up to 10 years battery life .
    • PSM (Power Saving Mode) functionality in the NB-loT/ network .
    • Dedicated loT platform hosted in the T-Mobile data center.
    • Private APN (Access Point Name) secure connection, which separates devices from the Internet.

Implementation case study

How the Podhale Geothermal Company utilises Narrowband-IoT technology?

Lineup of technologies

  • Lineup of technologies

    LTE - CAT1





  • Bandwidth





  • Bandwidth

    Up to 20 MHz

    1,4 MHz

    180 kHz

    125 - 500 kHz

  • Two-way data transmission

    Full duplex

    Half dupleks
    and full duplex

    Half duplex

    Half duplex

  • Maximum data rate

    10 Mbps (DL)
    5 Mbps (UL)

    1 Mbps (DL)
    1 Mbps (UL)

    250 kbps (DL)
    230 kbps (UL)

    50 kbps (DL)
    50 kbps (UL)

  • Max. path loss
    (comparison to GSM)

    144 dB (0 dB)

    156 dB (+ 12 dB)

    164 dB (+ 20 dB)

    157 dB (+ 13 dB)

  • Expected maximum battery life

    3 - 5 years

    5 - 10 years

    10+ years

    10+ years

Product benefits

Nationwide Narrowband
network coverage - loT

Over 4300 own base stations.


Efficient readings from any location and long battery life. Up to 5,000 devices within range of a single LTE base station.

Dedicated radio band

Isolated from the mass traffic of mobile network users and the Internet.

Licensed solution

Immune to interference licensed by the Electricity Control Board, radio transmissions over LTE networks.


Battery-operated modules can operate autonomously for many years. NB-loT standard used in sensors has significantly smaller power use.


With SIM card authentication, signaling protection and high level data encryption are provided.

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