Connectivity for machine
2 machine.

Machine 2 Machine (M2M) is a device-to-device connectivity service with different possibilities of realization in our network.

T-Mobile provides a comprehensive support for strong and modern companies, which through the full security of data transmission and SMS are able to gain market advantage.
Such security is ensured by the connection of the service with a Private APN and other additional services, such as: detailed SIM data, geolocation and API.




Billing plans

You can choose any type of packages for data, SMS or voice calls.
Per-SIM plans assign the appropriate limits to a particular SIM card, while shared or per-account
plans allows package usage for all of your SIM cards.

SIM cards

M2M SIM cards are dedicated for telemetry purposes.
The offer includes all available form factors of SIM cards and in addition reinforced – so-called industrial – much more durable, which allow them for work in various weather conditions and are insensitive to temperature changes.


In the M2M service you can use roaming packages, thanks to which you will be able to monitor devices moving not only in Poland and Europe, but also all around the world.
Flexible pricing allows you to choose a plan adapted to the relevant roaming zone,
as well as for ships and ferries.

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of applications

  • Commerce and manufacturing

    • Monitoring and automation of production
    • Vending machines
    • Food industry
  • Transportation

    • Car fleet
    • Transport containers
    • Electric scooters
  • Energy and fuel industry

    • Utilities meters
    • Petrol stations
    • Tank monitoring
    • Solar & wind energy
  • Other

    • Parcel lockers
    • Market research
  • Finance

    • Fiscal cash registers
    • ATMs
  • Security

    • Security agencies
    • Monitoring of persons and property


Dedicated offer

We approach each client individually, offering optimized packages of data, SMS and minutes.

Full range
of SIM form factors

We offer a full range of card form factors, so you can always choose the right one for your devices.

management system

You can use a dedicated management system to prevent abuse and control costs.


Dedicated private APN network ensures complete security of the service.

Open API

It allows you to integrate into your environment.
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