One Number

One Number for all calls.

It is a system that allows you to combine landline and mobile telephony and integrate them under one phone number.

By choosing One Number, your customers will be connected to the right people in your company, whether they are in the office and answer their landline, or are currently away and can only be reached on their mobile number.

From this number you can also call back, send SMS and MMS messages, voice messages and faxes to multiple users simultaneously. The service also allows you to record calls so that you can play them back later.
One Number is a business card of your company and high efficiency of handling all incoming calls.


The One Number offer consists of two integrated solutions for businesses.

Virtual Exchange

Provides efficient voice communication.


Provides efficient SMS/MMS/Fax communication.

with One Number

One number - savings:

Costs of the old solution:

Integration of fixed and mobile telephony - free calls within one company.

Calls between landline and mobile (internal) phones are charged extra.

No cost of purchasing and maintaining the infrastructure (exchanges, cables, integration).

Cost of equipment, services, cabling, etc., necessary for proper operation.

A cost-effective call recording component.

The call recording component is an additional and expensive option.

You don't need a service technician - the exchange is the responsibility of T-Mobile.

It includes the cost of a full-time service technician who manages the central recording unit.

You don't need space for a telephone exchange.

A telephone exchange that physically takes up space.

SMS/MMS/Fax messaging platform for marketing and information campaigns.

No SMS/MMS/Fax messaging platform.

No cost for collocation of equipment.

The need for additional space for telecommunications equipment.

Product advantages

Facilitates remote working

Employees answer calls at home at the same number as at the company.

Easy to manage

Through a dedicated web panel you can easily merge numbers.

Permanent archiving

Messages and faxes are stored on T-Mobile servers.


Free call forwarding.

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