Cloud Security

Effective protection at an affordable price with Cloud Security.

Cyber-security service combining the best technologies with the flexibility of the cloud and enabling effective protection against both network and end-device-level threats. With a short activation time and a subscription billing model, the highest level of security is now available also for smaller companies.

Ensure secure remote work for your colleagues today.


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  • Service Level Agreement

  • Client support center

  • Log retention

  • Continuous updating of threat detection rules

  • Service management by T-Mobile Polska

  • Access to web-based information portal

  • Threat reporting

  • Per-device behavioural analytics

  • Offline device protection

  • Protection of a device using Wi-Fi

  • Protection against malware on device level

  • VPN

  • Protection against phishing

  • Protection against connections with command & control

  • WWW filtering and network application control

  • Use of machine learning in network protection

  • Centrum
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  • URL categorization

  • Prevention of "zero-day" attacks and threat analysis


  • Hybrid installations (on-prem + cloud)

  • Endpoint protection and response (EDR)

  • Threat hunting

  • USB device management

  • ... and much more

Working principle

The Cloud Security service is a modern cloud solution, which enables effective cyber protection of your company, without the need to employ specialists, build your own network infrastructure, or incur capital expenditures. It is ideal both in the office and outside, protecting employees who are on secondment or working from home office.

Registration for the service takes a few minutes, and the system protection is activated after up to several hours regardless of the size of the company.

We set up and fully manage the service within one platform, and system protection starts immediately after installation.

Threat prevention is done using machine learning so that our protection reacts faster, analyzes attacks better and has an increased .


E-Mail Protection

Email Protection is based on Proofpoint Essentials, used by some of the largest and most security-conscious companies in the world. Our service offers advanced threat protection: spam and phishing detection, as well as multi-layered antivirus protection. It also provides email continuity with an emergency inbox.


The technologies used guarantee:

  • next-generation firewall,
  • SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response),
  • endpoint protection (including EDR module),
  • advanced e-mail protection.

Product benefits

Safe remote work

Cloud Security protects employees in the office and outside of the company, regardless of the Internet connection provider.

Immediately available

The total running time, even for large companies, is counted in hours

Comprehensive protection

Protection covers both devices (also offline) and traffic to and from the Internet
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Incident notifications 24/7/365

Continuous monitoring and supervision by Security Operations Center


Possibility of adjusting the service to growing business needs


No upfront costs and no need to hire specialists, making it much cheaper than an in-house solution. Convenient monthly billing

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