Cyber Guard®

Advanced protection of mobile devices with Cyber Guard®.

Cyber Guard® is an original and unique solution, utilizing mechanisms of Big Data and machine learning in the process of monitoring IT security status of mobile devices.
Using data from the operator’s network enables agentless protection of mobile devices against cyber- attacks:

  • malware,
  • phising,
  • and data leakage.



Cyber Guard® is a globally unique cyber security solution that is able to:

Identify devices infected with malware.
Identify malicious sessions established by mobile devices, including data leaks.
Automatically block malicious sessions.

Threats detected by Cyber Guard®

  • Malware Servers


    Protection of devices from contacting hosts infecting various types of malware.

  • Scanners/Checkers & Forward Attackers


    Protection of devices from contact with hosts scanning for vulnerabilities and checking the possibility of subsequent infection, or performing their attacks on selected Client services on the fly.

  • Fake Domains


    Protects devices against contact with hosts that impersonate websites of known companies, institutions, banks, etc.

  • Command & Control Servers


    Protection of devices from contact with servers managing networks of infected computers (botnet) in order to carry out subsequent massive attacks, e.g. DDoS.

  • Crypto Money


    Protection of devices from contact with servers managing cryptocurrency mines.

of packages

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PLN net / monthly per device
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    Package<br />Silver


    Package<br />Gold


  • 24/7/365 traffic monitoring for malicious session detection

  • Advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms

  • Advanced Threat Protection: Geolocation based traffic blocking, DNS filtering, URL filtering, Intrusion Detection and Protection (IPS), Botnet traffic blocking, Application Recognition, Application Control.

  • Service management by T-Mobile Polska

  • Client support center 24/7/365

  • Administration Portal


    (1 konto)

    (3 konta)

  • Automatic notifications (E-MAIL, SMS) in case of detection of particularly dangerous or alarming trends

  • Knowledge base

  • Ability to define your own security rules

    (max. 10)

    (max. 30)

  • Ability to define whitelists and blacklists

    (max. 10 entries)

    (max. 30 entries)

  • Daily updated report summarizing the observed threats and incidents, published on the administrator's portal.

  • Descriptive periodic reports summarizing threats observed at a given time together with proposals of their elimination



  • Possibility of data export to SIEM system

  • Online log retention


  • Guarantee of platform availability



  • SLA guarantee


Cyber Guard® is a proprietary and innovative T-Mobile solution, which combines elements of big data, analyzing several billion Internet sessions a day, using a daily updated, multi-million malicious IP addresses database.
Our solution, as opposed to a standard analysis based on DNS (Domain Name Server), analyses all data traffic, based on IP addresses and ports on which all applications installed on mobile devices communicate.


No load on the processor and battery

The system operates outside the employees' devices, so it is not noticeable during their daily work

Quick implementation with minimal client involvement

Indicates only the numbers that are to be protected

Access to reports and web portal

The client receives useful and practical analytical data, both current and historical

Full scalability and flexibility

We can monitor any number of devices


Ability to export logs from Cyber Guard® to any SIEM system used within the company

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