VPN as a Service

Secure remote working with VPN as a Service.

VPN as a Service is the most common solution that allows offsite employees to securely and reliably connect to company resources.

The solution is offered in the service model, therefore it is ideal for companies that prefer to use proven solutions instead of investing in their own tools. As part of the service you will receive

complete support: from technical analysis and remote access needs analysis, through selection of suitable hardware and software, its installation and configuration, to comprehensive service management.

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Comparison of packages

PLN netto


  • Firewall
  • VPN user-to-site (from 100 users)
  • AD/LDAP Integration

Package M

  • Firewall
  • VPN user-to-site (from 200 users)
  • AD/LDAP Integration
  • Basic Protection Package

Package L

  • Firewall
  • VPN user-to-site (up to 300 users)
  • AD/LDAP Integration
  • Advanced Protection Suite
  • Service acceptance tests
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VPN as a Service principle

Two elements of the solution

  • VPN client software to authenticate the user and establish an encrypted connection
  • Dedicated server that aggregates the tunnels and provides secure access to the corporate network (VPN hub)

The service works by creating virtual tunnels between employee devices and the corporate network. These tunnels are usually implemented over the Internet and terminated in one place, on a dedicated device, i.e. VPN concentrator.

The establishment of the tunnel requires user authentication and the data transmitted in the tunnels are encrypted with advanced security protocols.

Zasada działania  VPN as a Service
Zasada działania VPN as a Service


  • Management method

    The service is fully managed by SOC T-Mobile Polska

  • Technology

    Logo Fortinet

  • Any bandwidth

    Protection of bands of any capacity.

  • Provisioning model

    • Central (Internet from T-Mobile)
    • Local (Internet from any operator)
  • Provisioning method

    • Dedicated device (HW)
    • Virtual machine (VM)
  • Service options

    • Redundancy (High Availability)
    • Multicomponent authentication
    • Longer log retention
  • Range of service

    • Collecting client requirements
    • Technical design preparation
    • Selection of devices / licenses.
    • Installation and configuration of the platform
    • Implementation of security rules and creation of VPN tunnels
    • Administration and management of the service (including installing updates, preparing reports, introducing configuration changes)


Organised remote work

Organisation of a remote work environment with access to company resources, as when working in the office.


With multi-factor employee authentication and connection encryption, even public Wi-Fi networks can be used securely

Easy and fast deployment

Simple and time-optimized configuration is achievable even for people with little technical knowledge.

Comprehensive solution

The offer includes a full range of services from technical interview and analysis of client needs, through selection of hardware and software, its installation and configuration, creation of VPN tunnels and comprehensive management

Perfect backup plan

The service can be used as a backup solution for the Client's existing access services.

Flexibility and scalability

Easy way to add/remove remote access


Analysis of internal traffic for cyber threats.

Test it for free

To convince you of the effectiveness of VPN as a Service we give you the opportunity to test the service before you decide to make it expensive.

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