IT for Business

Professional service of IT for Business.

The service includes full IT support for your IT hardware and software. Support is provided over the phone and remotely 24/7/365 or, if required, also in person at your premises.
In addition we provide:

  • free IT audit conducted at the client’s location in order to select the most convenient offer,
  • diagnosis and repair of failure by T-Mobile IT specialist, but only if you and your employee accept the intervention,
  • performing the service in accordance with the highest security standards.
IT For Business


  • One of the largest, reputable ICT providers both in Poland and Europe
    (provides services such as: Data Center, Cloud, hardware and software and data services).
  • Operating its own IT infrastructure (over 5 thousand workstations) and several thousand Data Center and data transmission services.
  • Creditworthiness that we can share with our clients and thus help them develop their businesses
    in terms of IT tools.
  • Cooperation with key suppliers of IT solutions (Cisco, Microsoft, SAP, HP, etc.).

Free IT audit

In order to ensure the best possible quality of service, before signing a contract and selecting a specific package, T-Mobile conducts an IT audit at the Client’s location, including:

  • Taking an inventory of the Client’s IT network.
  • Verifying the status of Client’s hardware and software.
  • Recommending possible changes to the Client’s IT infrastructure.
  • Preparing a final quote for the Client with respect to IT for Business packages.


The offer consists of 6 packages that differ in functionality and are intended for different types of devices.

Personal Package

Provide your company with the professional IT support!
In the Personal Package you will receive basic IT support to improve the work of your company after the previously conducted audit. The package includes 24/7 phone and remote assistance in case of any IT problem.

Personal+ Package

In addition to phone and remote support, Personal+ provides technical support in your company.
When one of the devices fails to work, our technician will come to your place on the next working day at the latest and fix the problem.

Server Admin Package

Do you want to ensure continuity of work for devices responsible for critical business processes?
This package will ensure the uninterrupted operation of your company’s servers. Includes support in case of failure and replacement of hardware when needed.

Network Admin Package

Rest assured that routers, switches and other network devices located in your company will be reliable.
Take advantage of the package, which in addition to providing replacement equipment in case of failure, also includes installation, configuration and spare parts in case the device breaks down.

Print & Copy Package

Provide your company with professional service for the printing environment in your company.
As part of the package, you will receive support provided remote or, if necessary, at your premises. You may also use a replacement device if the failure cannot be resolved by the next business day.

Custom IT package

None of the above packages meets your needs? Contact us and we will surely find an appropriate solution.

Additional services

  • Data migration

    Migration of data from undamaged hardware to other hardware or configurations.

  • Expert review

    Expert review before equipment repair.

  • Data recovery

    Recovery of deleted/lost data.

  • Equipment

    Computers, network equipment, office equipment, “Data Center” equipment, software and telephone terminals in any configuration.

  • Relocation

    Deinstallation and transportation of equipment to a second location along with installation.

  • Migration to Office 365

    Migration to Office 365 of a user account.

How does the service work
IT for Business service?

  • 1 First line of support:

    If the problem is easy to solve, our consultant will instruct you how to deal with the fault yourself.

  • 2 Second line of support:
    remote assistance.

    More complicated cases are forwarded to the remote assistance center, where an IT specialist will fix the problem by connecting to your computer remotely.

  • 3 Third line of support:
    on-site assistance.

    If you need on-site assistance, an IT specialist will be sent to you to diagnose and repair the fault at your premises.

  • The supreme security class of remote assistance

  • Action only with your consent

    A T-Mobile IT specialist can diagnose a failure, as well as repair the defect, only when you and your employee approve the intervention.

  • Only at the appointed time

    A T-Mobile IT specialist can connect to your device only at the time designated by you and after prior permission to take control of your device. You can stop the IT specialist’s work at any time.

  • Latest software

    Installing the latest version of IT Manager software on your station, enabling remote connection with the supreme security standards.

  • Safe transmission

    In order to provide remote assistance, it is a must to create a secure transmission channel (e.g. an encrypted tunnel), enabling the ful use of standard remote assistance mechanisms.

  • Dual Internet Firewall

    The remote connection of the T-Mobile Remote Assistance Centre with your device is secured by a double firewall for data security.


Dedicated offer

Tailored to individual needs.

Professional support

Support is provided 24/7/365 by a team of high-level IT professionals.

Better performance

Immediate repair and replacement of worn out equipment.


Subscription billing with no hidden costs, no capital expenses.

Quick response

High level of SLA - NBD (repair on the client's site on the next working day at the latest)

Business continuity

Replacement equipment for the time of repair

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