Virtual Data Center

T-Mobile is one of the leading providers of data center services in Poland.

We have the largest network of colocation facilities in the country, including 6 commercial data centers for colocation, server hosting and cloud computing services. We offer services in modern, redundant facilities. Continuity of operations is guaranteed by SLA agreements. Security of the systems and data entrusted to us is confirmed by the ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and business continuity by the ISO 22301:2019 certificate.

Virtual Data Center

Wirtualne Centrum Danych

For whom?

Virtual Data Centre means virtual resources which enable you to easily create servers, install applications and systems and manage them from any place in the world using the Self-Service Portal.
It is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Wirtualne Centrum Danych

Within the environment:

  • You run any number of machines.
  • You get a panel for self-management of virtual resources.
  • You have a guarantee of data storage in Poland, on Enterprise-class infrastructure, built in the High Availability system.
  • Fees depend on the size of the ordered environment and the length of the contract.
  • You get a panel for self-management of virtual resources within VMware vCloud Director
  • NSX Edge Gateway will provide basic network security for IT systems in your virtual environment


MetroCluster is an extended Virtual Data Center service for two T-Mobile data centers, approximately 30 kilometers apart.

With duplicate storage on two arrays, the service instantly replicates all critical data from the primary site to the backup site, ensuring uninterrupted access to your company’s applications and data.

MetroCluster is an ideal solution wherever uninterrupted operation of systems and fault tolerance is required. It will work as a solution for software producers, online stores and industry.

Additional functions

  • Kubernetes (K8S)

    Additional functionality included in the Virtual Data Center for managing and scaling containers that are created on the basis of vCPU, RAM and disk space resources.

    Kubernetes (K8s) allows you to:

    • Choosing the right number of instances for a given application,
    • Load balancing of traffic,
    • Immediate scalability by running another POD with an application instance (peek),
    • Moving containers between development or test and production environments.
  • Backup

    As part of WCD, we offer a tool for making backup copies with space and the possibility of replicating copies to another T-Mobile data center.

    This service can be fully managed by T-Mobile (Backup Protect Managed) or independently (Backup Protect) by the Customer using a dedicated Panel.

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  • SD-WAN

    • Ability to directly connect to cloud resources from any location without having to route traffic through a central location.
    • Easily connect your own resources with resources in a private or public cloud, which allows you to build a flexible IT infrastructure.
    • Ability to monitor traffic to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and smart traffic direction, improving customer experience.