Big Data Traffic Analysis

Become a leader in your industry with advanced Big Data analytics.

In today’s world, the use of data is crucial for business development and building a company’s market position. T-Mobile is the only operator to combine modern technology
with the commercial use of data. Using our Big Data analytics you have access to information on the entire profile of the population with nationwide coverage.



We provide analysis data in form of aggregated and anonymised numerical data and/or in the form of a comprehensive report with data visualization. We create each analysis based on the individual business needs of the Client and its industry. In preparing analyses, we can rely on data from the last 12 months.

Our analyses include the following information:

Scale of the traffic

A representative number of users of T-Mobile network allows to establish an average number of visits and their recurrence in a given place, to learn about the size of a target group, to analyse the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and to set marketing objectives for the future.


Possibility of getting to know other places and locations visited by T-Mobile users noticed at a selected location.

Sources of the traffic

The strength of a shopping centre through the use of catchment area data.


Ability to know the profile of T-Mobile network users based on anonymized and aggregated behavioral data.

Zone potential

Possibility of estimating the chance of succeeding in business by verifying the potential of a selected area, based on behavioral and location data.

Additional services and expansion options

  • Antyfraud Api

    A service that enables detection of antifraud behaviours, including identity theft. Depending on the Client’s business needs, we provide the possibility of authorising the user, his/her scoring, as well as the information whether the SIM card was changed recently.

  • Mobile Advertising

    Unique advertising solution based on distribution of SMS/MMS/Mail advertising messages to specially selected database of T-Mobile network users who have granted a marketing consent. Contact selection is based on Big Data analysis, thanks to which you can be sure to match the group of recipients to your needs.

Data processing and sharing

  • Collecting and anonymising data from operator network

    Verification of data from various sources, including network data.

  • Data processing and analysis

    Data is anonymised, aggregated and combined with data from other sources.

  • Business

    The data is analysed in order to fully respond to the business needs of the client.

  • On-line data / Off-line data

    The data is provided in the form of a report that includes:

    • the number of the given zone,
    • tourist traffic,
    • displacement analysis.

Big Data in crisis management

By analysing the anonymous movement data of millions of cell phones, we gain access to unique information on population distribution and migration.

Examples of applications
in crisis management:

  • Monitoring of mass events


    Information about the number and movement of population before, during and after the event is crucial for its safety.

  • Determining the population during a specific time period


    In contrast to publicly available statistical data, T-Mobile Big Data Traffic Analysis allows to estimate with high probability the actual number of people present on a typical weekday in the center of a large city. In case of a terrorist threat or incident, such information can be crucial for security.

  • Determining the number of people in the danger zone


    In the case of airborne contamination, it can be critical to quickly determine the actual population that needs to be reached with aid or evacuated.

  • Analyses of historical data


    Historical data is analysed to better allocate resources, prepare event security, or prepare crisis management plans.

Example of analysis

Example of analysis concerning the reach of a commercial facility

  • 1

    Definition of the behavioural catchment area (BCA) and its comparison against the destination area and/or other catchment area definitions (where specified by the client).

  • 2

    Area division into core and minor one based on the analysis of regular client penetration.

  • 3

    BCA potential determined by:

    • number of residents,
    • number of jobs (working population),
    • age structure,
    • average earnings,
    • average household size,
    • housing structure (single-family houses, etc.).
  • 4

    Penetration map – percentage of area-specific residents who visited the centre in the analysed period.

  • 5

    Loyal and occasional client penetration.


Product advantages

Cost optimization

Reduction of costs thanks to advanced analytics.

Behavioural data

Data on the actual behaviour of more than 6 million users of the T-Mobile network.

Profile of clients and non-clients

Identification of existing and unused potential of the center.

Tailored offer

Flexible offer for current and future clients.

Behavioural catchment

The real impact zone of your business.

Benchmarks & comparisons

Your business against your competitors.


Client flow between selections and locations.

Historical data

Ability to track trends and market developments

Client segmentation

Differentiation of occasional and regular clients.

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