Internet Biznes PRO

Internet Business PRO from T-Mobile is fast, secure and reliable Internet anywhere in the office.

Internet Business PRO is a modern software defined solution providing secure Internet and Wi-Fi access with efficient bandwidth usage. It works well for companies that are looking for simple but comprehensive solutions that do not require the commitment in building of their own IT resources and competencies.


What distinguishes the service?

  • Management from the cloud
  • Access to monitoring and analytics tool
  • Installation of devices and configuration of the service by T-Mobile
  • SLA Premium
  • 24/7/365 technical support

Key features of the service


  • Fiber optic or radio link implementation
  • Built-in backup link
  • Fixed public IP address with the possibility of purchasing an additional pool of addresses (IPv4, IPv6)


  • Security using Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Antimalware, URL filtering, content filtering, IPS/IDS
  • Policies for allocating available bandwidth to the application level
  • Automatic creation of user’s VPN connections


  • Wireless access everywhere in the office
  • Optimal access to the network and its resources
  • Extensive guest network with a user-friendly login portal (captive portal)
  • 3 dedicated Access Points (x m2)

Variants of the service

  • Variants of the service





  • Secure Internet access with an extensive Wireless Network

    Secure Internet access

    Internet access with an extensive Wireless Network

    Secure Internet access with extensive Wireless Network (individual scope of service)

  • Service Management by T-Mobile

  • Configuration and delivery of the service

  • Access to the Analytics Platform

  • SLA




    Optimum lub Premium

  • Primary Link Technology

    Fiber optic or radio link

    Fiber optic or radio link

    Fiber optic or radio link

    Fiber optic or radio link

  • Capacity

    200 Mb/s

    200 Mb/s

    200 Mb/s


  • Backup Link Technology




    LTE, fiber optic or radio link

  • NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) and UTM (Unified Threat Management)

  • Number of Access Points




  • RODO compliance

  • Additional address pool (IPv4, IPv6)

Solution Diagram

  • Implementation stages

  • Preparation of network architecture and appropriate access solution

  • Creation of security policies

  • Implementation of solutions including installation of equipment

  • Device management with monitoring and visualization of network parameters

Product benefits


The only service on the market that combines high-speed and professional Internet access with security and Wi-Fi functionality.


Monitoring and analysis of network resource utilization. Tailored traffic management policy. Traffic priority for defined groups. Isolated guest network.


Advanced security system using NGFW and UTM mechanisms.


Monthly subscription. No capital expenditures. No need to involve your own IT resources in implementing, managing and maintaining the network.


T-Mobile's responsibility for network deployment, equipment installation and configuration. Technical support and maintenance of the network.


The highest level of SLA. 24/7/365 support.


Increasingly complex IT environment makes it difficult to manage

  • The growing number of areas in the company where Internet access is used means an increase in the number of users, applications and devices using Internet connections. The constantly expanding IT infrastructure is becoming more complex resulting in increased costs.
  • Managing and making optimal and secure use of the Internet is more difficult, costly and requires skilled IT staff.
    IB PRO is a simple solution, opened to expansion and the needs of tomorrow, using software-managed technologies
  • Cloud-management, unified access environment and the ability to build LAN network using a Wi-Fi solution, allows for quick response to changing needs.
  • The subscription model allows costs to be controlled without initial investment.

Growing demands on Internet traffic as well as LANs are driving the need to make optimal use of available bandwidth and device configurations

  • Available bandwidth is not always used for business purposes, and key operations are slowed down or even blocked by non-business-critical applications.
  • In addition, there is a lack of tools to analyze and control traffic.



IB PRO is an optimal and tailored solution

  • Implementing a tailored traffic management policy will enable optimization of bandwidth usage by individual users or applications. Users assigned to roles or key applications are prescribed priority access, and those less important will be treated with lower priority.
  • The solution provides insight into parameters and provides tools to analyze the use of network resources, and hence the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about the operation and development of the entire network.

New threats requiring security policy updates

  • The company is constantly exposed to cyber threats such as data theft, new viruses and forms of attacks that can cause serious losses.
  • It is possible to effectively protect against their unpleasant consequences, but newer threats require constant update in security features. Antivirus software may not be sufficient.


IB PRO is a reliable and always up-to-date solution

  • Security of the corporate resources and data transferred will be guaranteed by an always up-to-date network security system.
  • NGFW enables traffic control at the application layer, prevents intrusions, and goes beyond basic firewall functionality.
  • Systems and software are constantly updated to ensure the highest level of security with dynamically changing requirements.

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What is the Internet Biznes PRO Service?

Internet Biznes PRO is combining Internet access with a security package and flexible configuration of the office’s internal network.

As part of the monthly subscription, we support not only the connection itself, but also intelligent traffic management that allows for effective use of the link by individual company applications depending on the current situation.

Who is the Internet Biznes PRO Service intended for?

Internet Biznes PRO is a service designed for companies that send and receive large data, e.g. design and advertising agencies, content creators, as well as companies using video monitoring, such as security agencies, warehouses and industrial infrastructure, can benefit from this solution.

Wherever we operate on large data, provide employees with applications such as CRM, ERP or there is a need to connect employees, it will be good to use a professional service that will ensure symmetrical throughput capacity.

What technology does the product implementation take place in?

The realization of the product is in the fiber optic or radio link technology.

Does the Internet Biznes PRO service have a built-in backup link?

Yes. Internet Biznes PRO has a built-in backup link in the form of 5G/LTE.

What does the installation of the service look like? What input is needed on the client's side?

The service is managed by T-Mobile, which both installs the necessary devices, configures them according to the guidelines / needs of the customer, and then maintains and manages them until the end of the contract.

Is it possible to securely connect two locations with Internet Biznes PRO?

Yes. In the case of two Internet Biznes PRO services MX devices can be connected via a VPN tunnel, which enables monitoring and configuration remotely from one place in the cloud.

Does Internet Biznes PRO provide a permanent public IP address?


Is it possible to set dedicated rules on the Firewall?

Yes. The device allows you to set dedicated rules for blocking traffic to / from a specific type of network location.

Is it possible to control traffic between the guest network and the internal network?

Yes. The ability to prioritize traffic is possible at the network, user or application level.

What guarantees does the offer from T-Mobile cover?

Guaranteed SLA for hardware – TMPL guarantees that it will replace a non-working device within 24 hours.

With which partners will we build this solution?

Cisco Meraki.

How to configure the system?

First orders will require placing an order for two services (connectivity + wifi). As the next step, we will develop an approach to launch the service under one tariff in the system.

From the infrastructure side, there is no need to configure the systems (we rely on current solutions).

Does the network have MESH functionality - roaming between APs?


Does the network have the MESH functionality - powering the AP signal wirelessly?


Is the service available without a T-Mobile connection (e.g. on a foreign operator's network)?

Because it is a fully managed service, the service is paired with access to the network from T-Mobile. The connection itself may require the use of network elements from foreign operators, but it is at the discretion and management of T-Mobile.

Can the customer connect a second premises and manage the network in two locations from one place / as part of one service?

Yes. Launching the service in the second premises requires signing an annex to the contract.

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