IP Transit

Direct, operator-class access to global network resources.

Dedicated IP links featuring high bandwidth and the best transmission parameters from T-Mobile – an international operator present in many European countries, including the most important interconnection nodes in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Frankfurt am Main, Amsterdam, London and Vienna, exchanging traffic with operators of the TIER-1 class.  IP Transit is primarily dedicated to companies  that are providing Internet services, hosting or for local operators.

IP Transit


  • IP Transit

  • Wide range of guaranteed bandwidth

    up to 10 Gbps

  • Multiple Service Access Points (PoPs).

    ~ 2000

  • International coverage

    16 data centers in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Customer interface

    Ethernet port

  • BGP support

  • Performance monitoring

  • SLA

  • Additional services and expansion options

  • Blackhole BGP

    Protection to mitigate DDoS attacks. Possible options:

    • automatic,
    • upon Customer’s request.
  • Monitoring

    Access to the current and archival information on service quality parameters).

  • Proactive monitoring

    Immediate initiation of corrective actions and information about failure detection.

  • SLA

    Guarantee of continuity and quality of service at the highest level.

  • IP Address Management - Sponsoring LIR

    Full support in obtaining IP addressing and eliminating the need to contact RIPE directly.

  • 95th Percentile

    Provision of additional bandwidth billed for actual consumption.

Product benefits

The greatest coverage

The greatest coverage and the widest range of services in the region.

Global connection

Direct access to the network of global operators.

Network monitoring

Constant online monitoring of connection parameters.


Guarantee of the high availability.

Wide range of possibilities

This service is provided both at one of the T-Mobile PoPs, as well as at the Customer’s location.

Wide range of throughput rates

Capacity up to 10 Gbps.

Sponsoring LIR - comprehensive IP addressing services in accordance with RIPE rules

T-Mobile has LIR status and, as part of its sponsorship, represents the customer in dealing with the RIPE NCC to acquire and maintain:

  • Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs),
  • IPv4 Provider Independent (PI) address classes (maintenance);
  • Provider Independent (PI) IPv6 address classes (acquisition and maintenance).

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What is the process of obtaining IP addresses under the Sponsoring LIR product?

  1. After concluding a contract for the provision of the Sponsoring LIR, a form containing a set of questions will be sent to the customer in English. Based on the answers provided by the customer, T-mobile prepares and submits an application to RIPE for address/ASN assignment.
  2. Subsequently, the application number assigned by RIPE, the website address for tracking the status of the application with RIPE, and the correspondence conducted with RIPE will be made available.
  3. After the application is granted and RIPE allocates the address/ASN pool, the customer will be provided with access – login and password to the Subscriber’s account in the RIPE Database, where the customer undertakes to conduct ongoing administration of his data, including updating it.
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