Mobile advertising

Precise and effective targeting.

It is a unique advertising solution based on distribution of SMS/MMS/Mail advertising messages to specially selected database of our clients who have granted a marketing consent. Contact selection is based on Big Data analysis, thanks to which you can be sure to match the group of recipients to your needs.
With one of the largest client databases on the market and thanks to BTS technology, we are able to

quickly reach millions of private and business clients who have given their marketing consent in accordance with GDPR regulations.
Our databases are characterised by the highest quality and correctness of collected data, which translates into high results of conducted campaigns.

Big Data

Working principle

By means of advanced targeting we are able to precisely hit the profile of your client using the T-Mobile network.

  • Each person’s phone logs on to the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) when being used. In addition, it “checks in” at the station automatically every 4 hours.
  • This data is anonymized, combined into large sets and stored.
  • In this way, we know how large groups of people in a certain area move at a certain time.
Reklama mobilna zasda działania

Targeting options


  • Gender, Age.
  • Locality, province (according to mailing address).
  • Tariff (business / postpaid / prepaid).
  • Average phone bill amount (ARPU)
  • Phone model.
  • Drivers (paid navigation users).
  • Parenting (Where is My Child, Safe Family).
  • Phone operating system.
  • Client base exclusion



  • Industry definition (B2B).
  • Average number of called minutes.
  • Number of sent SMS/MMS messages.
  • Data transmission.
  • Geotrapping.
  • Most frequently logged BTS.
  • Polish Average phone bill amount (ARPU) Business Codes.
  • Profile of interests.
  • Web sites
  • Public phones.
  • Identification of recipients by Sender field name


Custom targeting requiring additional analysis – thanks to this we can reach the following people:

  • Rail riders,
  • Mass event attenders,
  • Traveling between cities,
  • Working / staying in a specific city / place,
  • Periodically appearing in a specific place / at a specific event,
  • Travelling once / cyclically to a specific country.


  • SMS

    Text message that can contain up to 160 characters on a regular phone or 200 characters on a smartphone.

  • MMS

    Graphic message that can contain up to 500 characters and a graphic in a JPG file of maximum size 300 kB and dimensions of 320x320px or 480x480px.

  • E-Mailing

    Graphic and text message.

    • Graphics width about 600 – 640 px.
    • Size 50-60 kB.
    • Recommended graphics extension is png.

Product benefits

Advanced targeting

Precise reaching of users thanks to using many factors, e.g. age, sex, place of residence, phone's operating system, interests, etc.

Direct contact

Access to the advertisement directly in the text application on the Client's phone (SMS, MMS).

One product - three services

  • Geolocation of users.
  • Geotrapping of users.
  • Push (sending communication to a defined target group).

Mailing base

We have a database of over 1.5 mil. active e-mail addresses.

Backward analysis

Data is stored for 12 months so it is possible to analyse it up to one year back.

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