Internet Biznes

Reliable and symmetrical
Internet access.

The Internet access service provides round-trip communication (download/upload) at the same speed, even outside metropolitan areas. T-Mobile’s own fiber optic and radio link guarantees a stable connection regardless the number of users and devices connected.


  • Internet Biznes

  • Bandwidth

    up to 100 Gbps

  • Access Technologies

    optical fiber, radio link, other

  • Public IP addresses

  • IPv4/IPv6 support

  • Direct connection to major internet service providers

  • DHCP server for routers with NAT

  • Technical support


  • Service management

  • SLA

Choose the
perfect product

  • Choose the
    perfect product


    Biznes LTE

    Biznes 5G

  • Technology

    optical fibre, radio link, other


    5G / LTE

  • Max. capacity

    100/100 Gbps

    50/10 Mbps

    100/20 Mbps

  • Bandwidth guarantee

    (depends on the activity of other users on the network)

    (depends on the activity of other users on the network)

  • No data transfer limit

  • Static public IP address

  • Grid connection

    (antenna installation is optional)

    (antenna installation is optional)

  • Device as part of the service

  • Installation at the Customer’s premises

  • Router’s failure




  • SLA

    Optimum, Premium, Dedicated

    (device replacement)

    (device replacement)

  • Delivery time

    agreed individually

    up to 3 weeks

    up to 3 weeks

  • Optional services

    additional IP addressees, proactive monitoring, 95th percentile, backup

    additional IP addresses, DHCP and NAT configuration, Wi-Fi

    additional IP addresseses, DHCP and NAT configuration, Wi-Fi

  • Additional services and
    expansion options

  • Proactive monitoring

    Immediate initiation of corrective actions and information about failure detection

  • Additional IP addresses

    Additional, fixed public IP addresses allow to connect with office resources from the entire network.

  • 95 percentile

    Provision of the additional bandwidth is billed for the actual consumption.

  • SLA Premium

    Higher guaranteed service parameters than in the standard SLA.

  • Backup

    Provision of Internet access in the event of failure of the main link


Frequent usage of the video monitoring.

Internet Biznes guarantees a fixed bandwidth, thanks to which the quality of the transmitted image is the highest and there are no interruptions in transmission. One link is enough to support several dozen devices.

Applications delivery for employees and Customers.

Internet Biznes provides full download speed. The available bandwidth is independent of other network users.

Employees connection through modern communication solutions.

The symmetry of the Internet Biznes guarantees the supreme quality of the transmitted image and voice.

Content creation.

Internet Biznes is the full speed in both directions. The recipient is able to share, download and send materials in the shortest possible time.

Product benefits

Symmetrical connection

Guaranteed data transfer in both directions with a capacity from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

Options of the accessible technologies

– Optical fiber
– Radio link
– Other

Public IP addresses

Possibility of sharing the private resources via public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

A wide range of possibilities

The service is provided both at one of the 2,000 T-Mobile PoPs as well as at the Customer’s location.

Quality guarantee

– SLA includes service availability and failure recovery time.
– 24/7/365 technical support.

Full control

– Network monitoring allows constant control of the parameters with the possibility of online viewing. Network parameters and performance under control via online platform.
– Backup connecton can be in the form of the second dedicated line, LTE, xDSL.

Technology partner

- Management of CPE can be transfered to T-Mobile.

International coverage

- Direct connections with the networks of the most important Polish and international operators.


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