Mobile Internet

Access to the network always at hand thanks to Mobile Internet.

This service provides fixed broadband connectivity anytime, anywhere. This solution can be used on a wide variety of devices, without having to enter passwords or connect cables every time. T-Mobile network is constantly modernised and expanded, always ahead of the needs of companies.

Internet Mobilny

Service options

Mobile Internet

A flexible service that allows access to individual and shared data packages, the quantity and size of which can be freely managed.  The offer also includes data roaming.

Mobile Internet, unlimited

Individual, cyclical services with no data limit, differing in the maximum data transmission speed in T-Mobile, only in Poland.  No access to shared data packages, voice calls and broadcasts, as well as roaming voice calls.


Best network

5G and LTE.

Fixed monthly fee

Regardless of the amount of data transferred and connection time

Cost optimisation

Various data packages:- unlimited,- Pay as you go.

Wide range of access devices

- routers,- modems,- tablets,- laptops,- locators and video monitoring

Optional additional services

- fixed or dynamic IP address,- Private APN.
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