All branches in one network.

Data exchange in the “peer-to-peer” topology, secure data transmission, especially for the sensitive, private data and data that require high quality transmission (voice, image, video, demanding applications and systems) guarantee, global reachability – all ensured by IP VPN.
The service enables connecting all, geographically distant or even international, corporate locations.

IP VPN w T-Mobile


  • IP VPN

  • Bandwidth range

    from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps

  • Bandwidth guarantee

  • QoS support

    5 classes

  • Access technologies

    fiber optics, wireless, LTE

  • Router management at customer's location

  • SLA

  • Comprehensive network management


  • Availability

    Poland, worldwide

  • Maximum number of locations

    a few thousands

  • Additional services and expansion options

  • Monitoring

    Service parameters and performance monitoring.

  • Proactive monitoring

    Proactive reporting of failures and taking remedial actions.

  • Backup access link

    Protection with backup module and protection against failures.

  • SLA Premium

    Guarantee of continuity and quality of service at the highest level.

  • QoS (Quality of Service)

    Maintenance of the key service performance metrics.

IP VPN for medium and large companies

IP VPN dla firm

IP VPN is a perfect tool to significantly increase the security level of WAN networks in both large and medium-sized enterprises.

The service is a scalable solution, independent of the number of locations.
T-Mobile offers to take over the network management by its experts.It does not only guarantee full implementation of the service but also ensures appropriate traffic management and constant monitoring –company does not have to invest in equipment and maintain the IT team operating the network.

IP VPN dla firm


Choice and flexibility

Bandwidth and network topology selection.

Wide range access portfolio

Possibility of using LTE, optical fibre and radio technologies.

Nationwide and international coverage

Connecting all geographically distant locations.

Free resources of your company

Network administration is T-Mobile’s responsibility, not company’s IT department.


Separation from other Clients and from public Internet resources.

Advanced monitoring

Online access to real-time performance monitoring.

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