Hybrid Cloud

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

The Hybrid Cloud allows you to easily extend the capabilities of the Virtual Data Center or Private Cloud from T-Mobile with additional services.

It is a solution that combines the benefits of using public and private clouds. Public Cloud is associated with speed of implementation, scalability and flexibility, while Private Cloud guarantees full infrastructure isolation and cost predictability.


The Hybrid Cloud is a combination of:

  • IT resources managed through the VMware vCloud Director Customer Panel and made available on a dedicated (Private Cloud) or shared (T-Mobile Virtual Data Center) infrastructure,
  • Microsoft Azure public cloud,
  • additional services such as: virtual data center, backup, storage, replication and support of T-Mobile engineers.

Examples of using a Hybrid Cloud

Work in public cloud, production in private


Building and testing applications in the public cloud and its transfer – after completion of work – to the private cloud.

For whom:

  • Software developers.
  • Companies dealing with the e-commerce market.


  • A flexible model of matching resources at the development and testing stage.
  • Predictability of costs at the stage of the production environment.

Bursting resources from the public cloud


Automatic expansion of resources with elements of the public cloud when the load exceeds the capacity of the virtual data center.

For whom:

  • Companies that can expect sudden spikes and drops in usage, such as tourism or retail companies.


  • Ensuring efficiency and continuity even during periods of increased traffic.
  • Delegating some computing tasks to the cloud.

High availability or Disaster Recovery for a Private Cloud


Ensuring business continuity thanks to the High Availability or Disaster Recovery model. In the first case, two centers work simultaneously, and the traffic is directed to the private and public clouds at the same time. In turn, in the Disaster Recovery model, the public cloud functions as a backup virtual data center.

For whom:

  • Companies with a production line.
  • Enterprises from the e-commerce sector.
  • Industries obliged to have disaster recovery plans.


  • Ensuring business continuity.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements.

Infrastructure monitoring and management with Azure ARC


A single mechanism for managing your company’s infrastructure through Azure Arc.

For whom:

  • For companies with distributed infrastructure.
  • For business that needs ISO standards and certificates.


  • Single control mechanism.
  • Security standards for all environments.
  • Vulnerability scanning.
  • Audit tools.


  • Virtual Data Center, Backup, Storage, replication and support of T-Mobile engineers.

  • Access through a dedicated Internet Biznes platform, Access T-Mobile VPN network and point-to-point links (Ethernet Line or Lambda).

  • Cloud on Edge, i.e. a private, secure and fast connection to over 160 of the largest providers, including to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Deutsche Telekom Cloud, Oracle, Salesforce and SAP.


Greater business flexibility

Higher performance and scalability of services

Better data security

Reduction of infrastructure maintenance costs

24/7 support from T-Mobile engineers

Combining the benefits of private cloud, virtual data center and public cloud

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