Dedicated Server

T-Mobile is one of the leading providers of data center services in Poland.

We have the largest network of colocation facilities in the country, including 6 commercial data centers for colocation, server hosting and cloud computing services. We offer services in modern, redundant facilities. Continuity of operations is guaranteed by SLA agreements. Security of the systems and data entrusted to us is confirmed by the ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and business continuity by the ISO 22301:2019 certificate.

Dedicated servers offer

Hosting of physical servers in T-Mobile Data Centers. Servers are connected to a dedicated Data Center Networking with the access to wide portfolio of data transmission services . The solution is perfect for hosting a large number of websites, intensely used databases and applications or critical business systems.


Dedicated Server Start

  • Server from the Dell EMC PowerEdge family
  • Intel® Xeon® or AMD EPYCTM processors
  • 64 or 96 GB RAM (expandable)
  • I2 x 600 GB SAS HDD (expandable)
  • Built-in hardware RAID controller
  • 2 x 10/25 GbE ports
  • Remote Out‑of‑Band server management
  • 24/7 support
Start Plus

Dedicated Server Start Plus

  • Server from the Dell EMC PowerEdge family
  • Intel® Xeon® or AMD EPYCTM processors
  • 64 or 192 GB RAM (expandable)
  • 2 x 600 GB SAS HDD (expandable)
  • Built-in RAID hardware controller
  • 2 x 10/25 GbEports
  • Remote Out of Band server management
  • 24/7 support

Dedicated Server Business

  • Server from the Dell EMC PowerEdge family
  • Intel® Xeon® or AMD EPYCTM processors
  • 192 lub 256 GB RAM (expandable)
  • 2 x 600 GB SAS HDD (expandable)
  • Built-in hardware RAID controller
  • 2 x 10/25 GbE
  • Remote Out of Band server management
  • 24/7 support
Private Cloud

Private Cloud

  • Dell EMC PowerEdge family
  • Intel® Xeon® or AMD EPYCTM processors
  • 192 or 512 GB RAM (expandable)
  • 1 x 1.6 TB NVMe or any other configuration of drives to provide the required data space
  • Private Cloud – virtualization of servers and management via VMware vCloud Director Self- Service Portal
  • 24/7 support
  • Additional services and expansion options

  • Data services

    Dedicated, symmetrical and broadband data transmission with access to Internet Business, IP VPN and P2P services.

  • IT Security Services

    Possibility to protect the infrastructure against DDoS, services of: Managed Firewall, Managed WAF, Cloud Security and SOC surveillance.

  • Additional RAM

    Multiple of 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB RAM (depending on server model).

  • Additional SAS HDDs

    Disks from 300 GB to 1.8 TB
    (depending on server model).

  • Additional SSD HDDs

    Disks from 480 GB to 3.84 TB memory
    (depending on server model).

  • Management option

    Yes, optional management of operating systems by T-Mobile.

  • Data Center Networking

    Yes, including Data Center Interconnect to connect the infrastructure in more than one data center.

  • Data backup

    Yes, as an additional offer, ability to create and restore data from backup copies (backups).


Our Data Centers

Market leader in data centre services Central Europe

T-Mobile, as a Deutsche Telekom Group company, features extensive experience in data centre services. In Poland, we have 6 commercial centres: in Cracow, Warsaw and Wrocław. Our Customers include global content providers, multinational corporations, and telecommunications operators. Our data centres also host international traffic exchange points. Based on our own infrastructure, we provide cloud computing services.

Szlachecka Data Processing Centre is one of the most important facilities in the T-Mobile network of data centres and, at the same time, the key telecommunications node of the Company.

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our Warsaw data processing centre, completed in December 2021. CPD Szlachecka consists of two independent data centres, located in Warsaw, away from the city centre, high-industrial zones and busy streets.  The newly built DC Szlachecka B is one of the key T-Mobile data centres in Poland. It is a supreme-quality facility, confirmed by the ANSI/TIA 942 and EN 50600 standards at the rated-3 level.

The complex of Szlachecka A and B is connected to DC Kraków and DC Piaseczno via dedicated Data Centre Interconnect network. It enables us to provide wide portfolio of hosting & cloud computing (Dedicated Server, Private Cloud, Virtual Data Centre, Backup and Storage) as well as the data transmission services (Internet Biznes, VPN Access, SD-WAN, Ethernet Line or Lambda, Cloud on Edge) and cybersecurity (Managed Firewall, Managed WAF, Anti DDoS, SOC).

Heart of the T-Mobile network and key data centre for colocation, hosting and cloud computing services.

The Warsaw agglomeration is the largest recipient of data centre services. It is not without reason that in this part of Poland we have located as many as 4 of our facilities, including Piaseczno DC – our largest and key data centre for T-Mobile Poland. It is also one of the largest facilities of this class in Poland and Europe. The Piaseczno Data Processing Centre is one of the points of the T-Mobile backbone network that is supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by a team of T-Mobile engineers.  On an area of 3,600 sq.m. in the Piaseczno Data Processing Centre, we offer the full spectrum of Data Centre services: from collocation of Customers’ servers to backup and hosting of equipment and advanced solutions in the cloud computing model.  Additionally, as an operator, we can facilitate access to your data stored in our centre through advanced telecommunications solutions (IP VPN, point-to-point links, Internet, xWDM network). Reliable data transmission is ensured by redundant optical fibre architecture and 3 completely independent connections to the facility. In the Piaseczno Data Centre there are also international traffic exchange points.  If you care about even greater security, we can provide you with additional services: protection against DDoS attacks, Firewall, WAF and 24/7 SOC cyber security monitoring.

A perfectly designed IT infrastructure to protect your data in Cracow.

T-Mobile offers, for commercial use, 400 sq.m. of colocation space in the Data Processing Centre in Cracow. The facility was created in response to the growing demand for secure and stable IT infrastructure services in the Małopolska region.  Our data centre in Cracow is located in a separate building, whose location provides easy and fast access both from Cracow and neighbouring cities. The building has independent power lines with a generator and redundant fibre-optic routes. The security of our Customers’ data and servers in Cracow is ensured by extensive fire extinguishing, power supply and air conditioning systems along with 24-hour physical security and video monitoring of the facility. Thanks to the application of advanced solutions we provide a guaranteed service level of 99.99%.  In order to move its IT systems to data centre, T-Mobile offers professional services: audit and migration of physical and virtual environments of our Customers. Additionally, we can ensure the maintenance of the resources entrusted to us and partnership cooperation, using, among other things, Remote Hands services, thanks to which our professionals perform the entrusted administrative and repair activities on behalf of our Customers.

Our professional Data Processing Centre in Wrocław will ensure the security of your IT systems.

The T-Mobile Data Centre in Wrocław was established in response to the dynamic development of the capital of Lower Silesia and the growing needs of our Customers for a stable and secure IT infrastructure. It offers nearly 500 sq.m. of space dedicated to colocation and hosting.  The facility is supervised by a team of professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This ensures that the servers are under constant control, thus ensuring the security of company data and applications.  As in other commercial facilities, services provided at the T-Mobile DPC in Wrocław meet the requirements of the Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001:2013.  The certificate covers: provision of telecommunications services, operation of Data Processing Centres and supervision of planning, construction and maintenance of mobile telephony networks. Product development and management, marketing and sales in the proprietary network, all with reference to the Statement of Application rev. 6 of 13/12/2016.

Product benefits

Bez kosztów na start

No start up costs

Services billed monthly.
Gwarancja nieprzerwanej pracy

Guarantee of the uninterrupted operation

Thanks to redundancy of power supply lines and many security and emergency power supply systems.
Elastyczna konfiguracja

Flexible configuration

Standard server configurations and possibility of adjusting hardware parameters.
Możliwość dostarczenia infrastruktury  rozproszonej

Possibility to provide distributed infrastructure

Multiple data centers connected via Data Center Interconnect network.
Dostęp do kompleksowej oferty usług  towarzyszących

Access to a comprehensive offer of accompanying services

Transmission of data and IT Security Services.
Możliwość   wirtualizacji

Possibility of virtualization

Possibility of building a Private Cloud environment.

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