Video Analysis

Video Analysis is a smart monitoring system for your company

Video Analysis is smart video surveillance, providing control and overview of work, space, production line, as well as protection of the facility or merchandise from theft from the warehouse.
It is responsible for thermal imaging measurements, calculation of statistics, drawing conclusions and detection of threats well in advance. Video Analysis monitors the selected environment 24/7, and its advanced video-detection algorithms, located on servers in the Data Center, provide real-time information.

Wideo analiza dla firm

Range of services

The Video Analysis system offered by T-Mobile is based on wireless and wired data transmission, which can be delivered through a separate, properly secured network, and the resources are gathered in Data Center located in Poland.

The solution does not require any investment or IT support from you. The system supports real time transmission of images and information – you only need a device (mobile or stationary) with a web access.

Video Analysis is a comprehensive, fully scalable solution, within which you receive:
Computing power and storage space.
Advanced Big Data analytics.


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    Measuring body temp.

    Measuring body temp.

  • Operations Center

    24/7 support of the Operations Center SOPHUS

  • Information Tunnel

    automatic or semi-automatic notification according to established operating rules when events requiring a response occur

  • Proprietary anti-tampering system

    automatic detection of interference tests or neutralization of IMVD operation

  • Marking

    marking of specific points in a video archive

  • Smart recognition

    determination of the special characteristics of relevant objects; Effective detection of the object makes it possible to achieve a safe result and prevent false information

  • Motion analysis

    object movement detection and analysis

  • Virtual fence

    perimeter analysis of areas, also crossings and entrances

  • Time criteria

    possibility of a live view of the observed area from a browser and/or a dedicated application

  • Live monitoring
    Time criterion

    programming of the functionality with regard to the time criterion

  • Mast relocation

    one-time relocation of the mast to a different location with reprogramming of the functionality

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

  • Long-term analysis

    analysis and reporting situations according to certain parameters

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

  • Training

    designated personnel training about operational rules

  • Technical support

    full technical support of IMVD devices

  • Recording

    archiving video images from IMVD

    Up to 30 days

    Up to 60 days

    Up to 30 days

    Up to 30 days

  • Bispectral camera

    Combination of the thermal imaging module and the video camera module

  • IMVD support

    additional IMVD device to extend the functionality of the thermography camera by implementing additional algorithms

  • Temperature measurement

    up to 16 faces temperature measurementat the same time

  • Temperature benchmark

    device for calibrating the thermal imaging camera

  • Reconfiguration

    remote reconfiguration of video detection parameters

    3 changes

    5 changes

    3 changes

    3 changes

  • Recording support

    additional data recording in the IMVD

  • Wireless data transmission

    wireless transmission

    individual pricing

  • Observation in the dark

    high efficiency of the system enables the observation even in completely dark rooms

    individual pricing

  • Sensitive zones

    support in the field of view of any IMVD of 2D/3D zones with independent analytical criteria

    Up to 10

    Up to 40

    Up to 1

    Up to 10

  • Event viewing from archive

    possibility of previewing the video archive from the observed room from a browser and/or a dedicated application

  • Counting

    counting phenomena and objects according to given parameters, e.g. moving persons or vehicles

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

  • Visualization of counting results

    display of the results of counting phenomena and objects in the image from the given space

  • Distinguishing colors

    definition of characteristic colors for image analysis

  • Object detection

    detection of changes in the observed space due to the appearance or disappearance of an object

  • Directional grid

    ability to display important directions of objects movement

  • Image stabilisation

    elimination of image blurring due to high magnification or unstable supporting construction

  • Event chains

    ability to create an advanced correlation between different functions

  • Registration numbers

    recognition and processing of vehicle registration plates

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

  • Custom copy

    possibility to get a copy of the video on a dedicated file server

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

  • Higher resolution

    ability to save the video archive in higher resolution

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

  • Own independent power supply

    set for independent power supply IMVD – no need to supply power for voltage 230V

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

  • Mast

    independent IMVD mounting system in heights up to 7, on telescopic mast with one-time assembly

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

  • Thermal image

    IMVD retrofitting with thermal image sensor

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

  • Heat maps

    visualization of spatial analyses in the heat maps form

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

    individual pricing

  • As part of the service, you can choose:

  • LightBox

    Illumination of the field of view – IR technology

  • AkuBox

    Own independent power supply – IMVD extension

  • VoiceBox

    Extension of the IMVD functions with voice announcements

  • LightBox Eko

    Added illumination of the object with visible light – LED technology.

  • PowerBox

    System supporting work of SOPHUS devices in case of unstable power conditions.

  • Mobile Platform

    Portable platform with full technical infrastructure, necessary to provide services – ideal for e.g. construction industry.

  • LPR 1 i LPR 2

    One-way and two-way access control.

  • Consierge

    Two-way Client <> T-Mobile communication.

  • Thermo View

    Thermal imaging – IMVD extension

  • Heat Maps

    Heat Maps – IMVD extension


Observation and reaction to predefined events

You have a possibility to individually indicate events or deviations from norm, to which the system has to react. Thanks to this you gain confidence that the system will inform you about the event only in necessary situations

Reakcja na zdarzenia
Optymalizacja procesów

Optimization of processes in the work environment

Within Video Analysis system you can check the efficiency of technological or industrial processes in your sector, as well as the movement of employees in predefined areas.

Detect risks in advance

Knowing your work environment, you are able to properly define possible threats, as well as their beginning. Thus, the Video Analysis system is able to identify potential threats at an early stage. For facility security, it is possible to initiate a pre-alarm to inform an unwanted person that they are approaching an exclusion zone

Wykrywanie zagrożeń
Pomiary termowizyjne

Conducting thermal imaging measurements

Thermal imaging is ideal for harsh conditions such as darkness or low or high temperatures, even over very large areas. With thermal imaging, you are able to identify unauthorised movement of people or leakage of substances with a different temperature than the surrounding area.

Calculating statistics and drawing conclusions

Statistics and their correct analysis are now an indispensable ingredient for success in any business. Thanks to the wide range of applications for video analysis you are able to obtain additional data – essential for the development of your business environment

Obliczanie statystyk
Kamera licząca ludzi

Camera for counting the number of people

Current information about the number of people present in a defined location.


Operates in all conditions

Works both day and night, indoors and outdoors

Full security

Resources are protected through encrypted, dedicated link, and set up and run as APN/VPN

Data always in the country

Your data is stored in one of T-Mobile's Data Centers located in Poland.
Bez kosztów na start

No start-up costs

The implementation of the system does not require any investment outlays, you settle in a subscription model.

Cost optimization

Possibility of optimizing the employment of specialist personnel to protect and control the facility.

Individual and comprehensive approach

The service is tailored to your needs. In addition to consulting we provide effective implementation of the service.


Limitation of possible losses and optimisation of work, thanks to alerts on events on the premises.

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