VPN as a service
Protection and security
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as a service

You have a company and don't know how to organize an optimal home office environment for your employees?
You need a safe and effective solution?
You want to protect your sensitive data?

A safe remote working environment for your employees.



VPN (User-to-Site) is currently the most common solution for remote working. Your employees can use it on both corporate and private equipment - wherever they are. With VPN as a service, you will provide your team with secure access to your corporate network and corporate resources quickly and efficiently. Connections to an office server outside the workplace can really work.



VPN solution has two components - dedicated server and client software. The service works on any Internet connection by creating virtual tunnels between employees' devices and company headquarters. These tunnels are usually implemented via the Internet and are terminated in one place on a dedicated device, i.e. on a VPN concentrator, which is located in Poland - in the T-Mobile data center or at the customer's location. The tunnel requires user authentication and the data stream transmitted in the tunnels is encrypted by advanced security protocols, ensuring integrity and confidentiality.

  • Your company's employees have secure access to company resources, regardless of where they work.
  • You no longer have to organize remote workstations on your own.
  • You can very easily and quickly change the number of remote users.
  • Your company data is protected in a cost-effective way.
  • Business resources are secure thanks to encrypted connections - this is especially important when using public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Implementation of the service is easy and fast - simple and time-optimized configuration is available for people with little technical knowledge of network solutions.
  • You don't have to buy new equipment, you can use any equipment you have - private or business, mobile or desktop.
  • With the security packages you can further increase the level of protection in internal traffic.
  • The service operates in two models that can be easily configured: central (based on virtual environment - VM) and local (based on devices - HW).
  • The central model boots up faster (no hardware installation required). This solution is fully scalable and provides basic redundancy (High Availability).
  • Various connection bandwidths are available: up to 50, up to 100 or up to 200 Mbit/s.
  • We provide a dedicated server (VPN hub) and VPN client software.
  • T-Mobile Polska offers a full range of the service - technical intelligence and customer needs analysis, selection of hardware and software, its installation and configuration, creation of VPN tunnels and comprehensive management.
  • The service can be used as a back-up solution for existing customer network infrastructure.