IT Security Services
Protection and security
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Security Services

Do you wish to know how to get yourself prepared for the GDPR or other data protection regulations?
Would you like to learn the best practices in creating a security system against cyber threats?
Do you wish to know what cyber threats your organisation is exposed to and how to effectively prevent them?
Would you like to increase the awareness of cyber threats among employees working for your organisation?

You need to ensure professional support in building an appropriate IT security policy and appropriate mechanisms to protect against cyber threats.



Professional services are distinguished by, first and foremost, access to the knowledge and multiannual experience of ICT systems security engineers

As part of the offer, we provide the following services:

  • penetration tests of infrastructure, applications, and networks compliant with the best practices adopted on the market, and conducting simulated cyber-attacks at the customer’s request,
  • IT security audits, including audits of compliance with standards such as GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001,
  • “awareness” and specialistic training courses for administrators and managers of IT security systems,
  • consultancy in the field of ICT security systems architecture, including comparative tests of various technologies and evaluation of suppliers’ products,
  • post-incidental analysis, malware analysis, traces research that allow identifying malicious code and collecting evidence while adhering to the law.

T-Mobile also owns a special laboratory for testing the vulnerability of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.



  • Certificates confirming the highest quality and guaranteeing professionalism of rendering services.
    - CISSP, CompTIA,
    - CISM, CRISC,
    - GCFA,
    - CSSLP,
  • A specialistic laboratory for identifying the vulnerability of IoT devices.
  • Personalising the offer to the customer’s needs.
  • Identification of security weaknesses supporting the risk management process,
  • Technical reports prepared by T‑Mobile specialists informing about emerging threats in the organization.
  • Increasing the competences of IT security teams.
  • Justifying investments in IT security systems.
  • Comprehensive knowledge about the IT security standing of the organisation,
  • Developing awareness of cyber threats in the organisation allowing for minimisation of the risk of cyber-attacks and the related potential financial losses,
  • Compliance with legal standards and regulations,
  • Raising awareness of cyber threats among employees.