IP Transit
Internet Access

IP Transit

Does your company provide internet services,
hosting services? Are you a local operator?
Do you want to increase the level of satisfaction
of your customers by offering them fast and stable
access to the Internet? Your business is rapidly growing,
you have more and more customers and need broader
access to the Web?

IP Transit is an operator-based direct access to the resources of the global Web. This solution will guarantee that also your customers enjoy outstanding connection to the Internet.


The IP Transit service is the access to the operator-class Internet. This solution will enable you to develop an offer that will meet the need of your customers. The customers will be able to quickly connect to the Internet, efficiently transfer the data and enjoy the access to cloud-based services and sites.


As an operator, we have direct presence in inter-operator nodes in Central and Eastern Europe, and exchange traffic with TIER-1 operators. This allows us to offer a top-performance service.


  • You will have the opportunity to develop an offer tailored to the needs of even most demanding customers.
  • The guaranteed high availability will allow you to maintain the continuity and reliability of your services.
  • You can increase the competitiveness of your services by providing protection against DDoS attacks.
    • Continuous on-line monitoring of the parameters of your line will give you the opportunity to respond to uncontrolled variations.
    • Customisable bandwidth as fast as up to 10Gb/s.
  • BGP-enabled.
  • You can choose the pricing model based on the actual bandwidth usage (settlement on the basis of the 95th percentile).