Private APN
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Your employees travel a lot and they need to access the company's applications, files and other resources?
Do you employ field personnel and would like them to use the same resources as the office employees, via a common network?
Would you like to expand your current corporate network to include mobile connectivity?

Private APN is a service that will connect your mobile devices into one private network to enable secure communication for your employees and the ability to use your company's applications and data whenever needed.



This service enables the exchange of data between mobile devices through a mobile network. With a dedicated APN subnet the communication between devices is private and secure. Such a network can be also connected to a company intranet so as to make its resources (applications, files, printers) available to mobile devices.



The international coverage of Private APN is based on T-Mobile proprietary network that covers 14 countries and comprises 70,000 kilometres of optic fibre. This coverage and density guarantees uninterrupted access to your network regardless of location.

This service enables private communication, completely separated from the Internet – you are the only user of the network.

T-Mobile is responsible for the full management of your network – you do not need to monitor, supervise or maintain it.  


  • Access to the corporate communication tools from any location– restaurant, train, hotel or on the road. You can communicate with other employees or use the corporate network from any mobile device (phone, notebook etc.).
  • Security is no longer your concern. No external party can access your data – the data exchange is completely private and separated from the Internet.
  • Your network grows together with your company – you connect new mobile devices quickly and easily.
  • Private APN can be easily combined with most of our services to establish an efficient communication environment at your company.

  • You can arrange communication exclusively between mobile devices within one network in the Closed APN or enable the use of external resources (servers, applications, business data) in the Open APN.
  • You can the payment option  – separately for the data transferred to and from each SIM card or for the entire group of SIM cards.
  • We use both dynamic and static addressing.
  • We enable authentication via RADIUS for increased level of control and security.
  • With Open APN selected, you can connect your APN with the office LAN according to your preference: Internet IPSec or a dedicated line.
  • You can use packet data transmission in every available mobile technology – GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, LTE and the related technologies.
  • Your team can now work and communicate outside of Poland – private APN can be used abroad.
  • APN is compatible with the IP VPN network, your employees in the field will benefit from secure access to all your company resources.
  • Private APN can be also used as a cost-effective component of a solution assuring sustainability to create a backup link for an IP VPN network.