What is eService?

eService is the perfect solution for your business. Manage your company’s services whenever and wherever you are. eService renders it possible to quickly (e.g. replace SIM cards), activate additional services or check payments and invoices.

Thanks to eService you can:

Order and replace SIM cards

In eService you can quickly and easily order new SIM cards. If necessary, you can easily replace the existing card with a new one, e.g. in the eSIM format.

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Manage services according to the structure of the organisation

eService allows you to map the organisational structure of your company. Thanks to this, you will be able to efficiently manage services depending on your needs.

View your bills

Thanks to eService, efficient financial management will be easier than ever. You can easily check invoices and detailed bills.

Pay invoices directly

In eService, paying invoices is very simple. The “Pay now” option is available with each invoice issued by T-Mobile – thanks to this, you will settle all payments immediately.

Modify services on telephone numbers

The wide range of T-Mobile offer opens up the possibility of using many additional services. International roaming, service blockades or activation of data packets – in eService it takes only a moment.

Massively activate SIM cards

You can order many SIM cards in eService. If you want, you can activate them individually or massively – all at once.

Change the subscription fee

According to your needs, you can also change tariffs on company numbers and change the subscription fee.

Order phones

Thanks to eService, you can order telephones in a simple and convenient way, and you will be able to track the shipment from sending to receiving it.

Manage permissions yourself

Decide for yourself who can access eSerwis and to what extent.

Report problems and complaints

Have you encountered any problem? Do you want to make a complaint? Let us know about it using eService.

Are you a former GTS Customer?

Are you a former GTS Customer?

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