Data Centers


Are your servers running out of disk space?
Do you need a lot of space to store your data?
Would you like to use a common resource to store your files?
Your business is going to expand, but you are not sure how fast
and to what extent – would you prefer flexible disk space?

Provide your servers with unlimited disk space for safe storage of data.


The Storage service is a vast space available for both your physical and virtual servers. You can use it to store multimedia files or large databases, or use it for your own backups. The space can also be used to share files between multiple servers of a company.



The Storage service can be adjusted to the performance requirements of the company's applications that use storage space. We offer storage spaces that handle systems with standard requirements and ones that meet the strict performance criteria of database applications. Our solution is based on a Data Centre located in Poland, and the processing of personal data is compliant with Polish law.


    • Running out of storage space will no longer be a concern. You will always have as much space as you need.
    • No set-up investment costs – you are charged with the service subscription costs only.
  • Immediate expansion of storage space – when you need more space you simply expand it immediately.
  • Storage space is available at all times without interruptions. The Storage service guarantees that your data is safe and remains unaffected by hardware failures.
    • Seamless operation of applications and systems. You can choose a Storage service at a suitable level of efficiency (TIER 1,2,3).
    • Real time configuration – management of mass storage via the available tools (GUI or CLI).
  • The Storage service can be used with any server – provide space to your servers located at a T-Mobile Data Centre (Colocation, Dedicated Server, Virtual Data Centre).
  • Match the operation of Storage to your needs. Choose the most suitable communication protocol (FC, iSCSI, NFS).