Business Cloud Unlimited space
for the development
of your Business!

How do we support clients
on their journey to the cloud?

T Business provide comprehensive support throughout the entire cloud migration process, from audit and planning to implementation and further support.

We have human and consulting resources as well as a modern Data Center with the highest degree of security. Our resources also include a network and infrastructure for data transmission and the provision of cybersecurity.

What is Business Cloud?

Business Cloud is a range of cloud services that we offer as part of Infrastructure as a Service in three models.

Within each of them, you can configure virtual servers, run operating systems and any software for your business.

Virtual Data Center (WDC)

Resources of computing power (vCPU, RAM) and disk space (Tier 1,2,3) are available as part of the environment, independently managed by the VMware vCloud Director Self-Service Panel.

It is an ideal solution for small and medium enterprises, primarily due to the price and scalability.

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Private Cloud

Private Cloud is a dedicated infrastructure that allows you to build computing power resources and storage space. It combines the advantages of the public cloud, such as implementation speed, scalability and flexibility with the guarantee of dedicated servers for your company.

It is a solution that perfectly responds to specific business needs, i.e. operating on very sensitive data.

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Hybrid Cloud

WCD or Private Cloud connection to the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

It is a solution that combines the benefits of using public and private clouds. Public Cloud is associated with speed of implementation, scalability and flexibility, while Private Cloud guarantees full infrastructure isolation and cost predictability.

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Additional services


Storage space resources that are expanded along with the development of your company.


Efficient backup of customer data, ensuring protection and high availability of critical business data.

Data Center Interconnect

Assignment of resources to geographically separated hardware platforms, which enables the construction of solutions in the Active - Active (MetroCluster) or Active - Passive (DraaS) model.

Opcja Disaster Recovery

Assignment of resources to geographically separated hardware platforms, which enables the construction of solutions in the Active - Active (MetroCluster) or Active - Passive (DraaS) model.

Edge Gateway

Edge Gateway is an additional function of Vmware vCloud Director, which provides the functions of: router, Firewall, NAT, DHCP, VPN (site to site), and Load Balancer.

Data transmission services

As a telecommunications operator, we guarantee a full range of services, from the dedicated Internet Biznes band, through the VPN Access network, to point-to-point links (Ethernet Line and Lambda).


Securing infrastructure against DDoS attacks through Managed Firewall, Managed WAF, Cloud Security and SOC supervision.


Provision, maintenance and development of IT solutions based on SAP and Oracle technologies on the IaaS platform.

Cloud on Edge

Cloud on Edge, i.e. a private, secure and fast connection to over 160 of the largest providers, including to Amazon web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Deutsche Telekom Cloud, Oracle, Salesforce and SAP.

Advantages of Business Cloud

Experts from T‑Mobile and T-Systems

Dedicated, symmetric and broadband data transmission services

Leader in the market of data center services in Central Europe (Check link)

Dane są przetwarzane i przechowywane na terytorium Polski lub na terytorium Europejskiego Obszaru Gospodarczego (EOG)

Effective implementations - quality guaranteed by ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificates

Good practices and quality guarantee, confirmed SLA contract

Greater business flexibility

Higher performance and scalability of services

Combine the benefits of private cloud, virtual data center and public cloud

Optimization of infrastructure maintenance costs