Do you need a solution that will improve communication
and cooperation in your team? Do you want your business
meetings and training sessions to become more effective
and accessible to all employees regardless of their current location?

A communications platform allowing you to talk to colleagues and business partners based in different locations while feeling as comfortable as if they were right next to you.



Our videoconferencing solution enables you to conduct meetings and training sessions with multiple parties located across various locations with the use of audiovisual communications tools. Videoconference participants can cooperate in real time for considerably more efficient and faster group work, as well as enhanced communications between teams.



We use solutions provided by Vidyo, combining a user-friendly interface with high quality of transmission at a competitive price. You only buy the devices you intend to use and let us take care of the rest, while enjoying the fast and smooth implementation of the system. Videoconferencing is an easily customisable service. You can enjoy exceptionally high-quality video connections while holding a meeting in your office, or choose mobility and join a session from any location using your phone. Connection parameters will be automatically adjusted to your current transmission environment.


    • Videoconferencing is an advanced and easy to activate solution that is equipped with an intuitive and simple user interface.
    • All conference participants will appreciate this modern and easy-to-use solution. They will be able to join an ongoing session using their computer, tablet or smartphone, regardless of their present location.
    • As part of the service, we will provide you with everything you need: access to a communications platform, hardware and software, as well as a wide range of additional services. We will also take care of the implementation process.
  • You will no longer have to leave your office to conduct a training session or presentation, which allows you to optimise your company’s operating costs. Videoconferencing enables you to hold a face-to-face meeting while saving the time otherwise spent on travel.
  • Contact your employees whenever you need, regardless of their device and current geographical location.
    • High quality sound and HD resolution video.
    • Internet or corporate network transmission.
    • Fast and smooth implementation on the part of the operator.
    • Seamless integration with real-time collaboration tools – Adobe®, IBM® and Microsoft®, as well as with other end-user devices and network types.
  • Service parameters are easily adapted to transmission capacity, allowing for optimal efficiency.
  • Cloud-based to eliminate any service breakdowns.