Unified Communications
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Do you want to streamline communication in your company?
Are you looking for tools to allow your team to engage in business operations from any location, at any time?
Is continuity of the business operations your top priority? 

Unified Communications is an efficient system, which facilitates cooperation in your organisation with audio and video communication, file and resource sharing.


With Unified Communications, you will be able to integrate various communication channels into one system. The entire platform includes: voice communication, HD quality video, chat, instant messaging as well as other functionalities that makes stationary work completely mobile. This will allow you to increase the productivity of your team and, consequently, the efficiency of the entire company. You will maintain the continuity of communication, improve the cooperation at all levels of your company and streamline business processes.



In addition to receiving an fast communication platform, you are supported with A to Z implementation. We run training programme for all users so that they can learn the benefits of Unified Communications and make it work to their advantage . To top that all off, we provide you with an internet connection suitable for your platform, so that you can make full use of it. Unified Communications service is available in the cloud.
You do not have to invest in any equipment –  we will fine tune the infrastructure already in place. You can test the service before you make a decision about the purchase. The numers of users of the platform is unlimited, so everyone in your company can enjoy the benefits of Unifired Communications! 


  • You no longer have to switch between devices and configure connections – the service helps everyone in the company save a lot of time.
  • This system allows you save and distribute information in the organisation (e.g. by recording trainings and meetings). It keeps the information flows in your company going.
  • Every team member at your company can easily engage in business processes anytime, anywhere.
  • You stay up-to-date at all times – business trips no longer keep you disconnected (the service allows you to use company applications on mobile devices: laptop, smartphone, tablet or IP phone.
  • You can also use the service for external communication and to automate customer service.
  • This solution is compatible with all systems – it can be used with the existing infrastructure and hardware (links, exchanges, servers) and landlines.
  • Since the service in based in a T-Mobile Data Center, all communication is encrypted and secure (there is no risk related to the use of publicly available products).
  • Reduce the workload in your IT department – we take care of the implementation of the service – everything from making the assessment of your technical requirements to installing phones on the desks.
  • Automatic adaptation of the solution to the parameters of the communication channel (adaptive algorithms).
  • Possibility to test Unified Communications before deciding whether to implement the service.
  • Access to administrator's panel to manage accounts and user rights.