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Are you looking for an efficient and reasonably priced SMS and MMS communication tool?
Do you manage merketing campaigns and SMS messages in bulk volumes?
Are you looking for a way to enhance external and internal customer service?
Do you need an API service allowing integration with solutions already in place?

Speed up communication while improving the efficiency of your company with direct access to SMSC and MMSC – an advanced tool for bulk SMS and MMS delivery.



Direct access to SMSC and MMSC with automatic, switchboard-operated bulk SMS and MMS distribution will enable you to enhance mass communication as well as information flow in your business environment. With additional functionalities such as priority settings, message delivery control and CRM integration, you will be able to effectively manage bulk volumes of information while also achieving high service quality for your business.



The service offers a competitive capacity of up to 100 SMS or 5 MMS messages per second. Messages can be sent using a short number – prefix or alias, which adds to the credibility of your company’s communications.  Message delivery is guaranteed.


  • Improve the standard of services provided and receive a 75% price reduction per message.
  • Customise the service to your company’s business profile and the actual demand for SMS & MMS volume.
  • Regardless of business size, we offer a wide range of applications in a variety of service industries, marketing and customer management sectors.
  • Obtain an additional, premium external and internal communications channel to enhance existing partner interactions, win new customers and gain a competitive edge.

What sectors is this service intended for?

  • Banking (account balance information systems).
  • Financial institutions (Pension Funds – account balance information, insurance companies, etc.).
  • Transport companies (tracking services, fleet management).
  • Security companies (venue and devices monitoring).
  • Industry (production processes monitoring, telemetry – remote reading and transmission of sensor’s data)
  • Websites and internet service providers – SMS information about incoming email messages.
  • Internet transaction systems – delivery of one-time authentication codes, confirmation messages or event notifications.
  • High efficiency of up to 100 SMS/s, 5 MMS/s allows for the effective transfer of large volumes of information both to and from your customers.
  • The service operates as an autonomous system with a direct link to T-Mobile’s SMSC and MMSC, using the TCP/IP network protocol.
  • Save your time with fail-safe mass SMS/MMS communications management.
  • Control message flow (with priority and rule setting) and enjoy guaranteed message delivery.
  • Send SMS and MMS messages using a shortened number – a prefix or alias, confirming the source of the message.
  • Benefit from fast service implementation and easy system integration.