One Number
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You don't want to choose between mobile and fixed solutions?
You want to make sure that your customers can always reach your customer services even if there is nobody in the office?
Want to efficiently contact your customers using SMS, MMS and fax? Want to be able to record business phone calls?

Let your customers stay in touch with your company using just a single number. Choose an integrated, convenient solution combining various communication modes.



The service simplifies communication with your company and speeds up the information exchange through fixed and mobile line convergence and the use of a single phone number. By dialling one company number, your customers will be connected to the right person. You and your team can call back, send text (SMS and MMS), voice, video and fax messages to numerous recipients simultaneously using a single phone number. You can also record phone calls  in order to listen to them later.



One Number is equipped with a unique switchboard which enables fixed and mobile convergence. It also supports bulk messaging using SMS, MMS and fax messages. you will have a chance to personally manage your company’s communication system. A single system will allow you to assisst multiple customers simultaneously and redirect calls between fixed and mobile lines for free. You will be able to record and play back any calls made within the system.


  • With our subscription package you will reduce your company’s communication costs and benefit from service maintenance free of any charges. With an online system to manage the service is very convenient to use. Bulk SMS distribution and a single outbound number support both internal and external communication.
  • You can activate one or more dial-in numbers (for all or for selected employees only) according to the needs of your company.
  • Regardless of the hardware in place, you will always be available for your customers.
  • You can easily manage the service by yourself, you do not need a team of experts to support you.
  • The archives are located on secure T-Mobile servers, you can review your messages and build a customer database.
  • The integration of multiple tools in a single system will allow you to deliver an improved customer experience.
  • You will secure your business with an integrated call registration feature.
  • Management of all numbers (mobile and fixed) within a single online tool.
  • Service updates free of charge.
  • Fast service implementation requiring no effort from you.