Mobile Telephones
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Do you want to talk and text with everyone without limits?
You need to access the Internet from your mobile phone?
Do you want to use roaming whenever you need it?
Are you looking for a mobile phone offer tailored to the needs of your company?

Make calls and send text messages without any limits, and access the Internet from mobile devices to stay connected with your customers and employees.



T-Mobile's mobile telephone service will allow your employees to call and text without limits. They will also be able to access LTE Internet – a critical tool for the performance of their daily tasks. At your request we can expand the offer to include mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets). We will provide your employees with the mobile services of the quality they need.



T-Mobile's 3G network covers almost 100% of the population of Poland, and the 4G LTE network covers over half of the population and guarantees reliable HD voice calls.

Additionally, we provide you with access to LTE Internet even in PKP Intercity trains (via Wi-Fi hotspots).

Mobile Telephones service by T-Mobile is much more than just daily communication. This service provides you not only with state-of-the-art mobile devices for a reasonable price, but also allows you to enjoy an offer fully tailored to the needs of your company. It is up to you which supplementary services are used and what is the term of the agreement. Now you can have your office with you anywhere in the world thanks to services such as roaming, proDysk, One Number or myWallet.


  • Cut the communication costs at your company – choose an adequate Internet plan in addition to the unlimited calls and texts, and select mobile devices together with accessories.
  • Flexibly manage mobile communication at your company – we will tailor the offer to your needs regardless of the size of your company, and – if needed – will modify the service at any time.
  • Take advantage of the free supplementary services (e.g. mobile teleconferences) and applications that will assist you in your work (e.g. proAuto).
  • Choose the mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops) suitable for the tasks performed by your employees.
  • Feel confident knowing that we protect your devices (from the SIM card to the laptop) against the consequences of theft, damage, malicious acts (as part of the Secure Device and Norton Security services).
  • HD voice calls.
  • The service is offered in the following technologies: 2G, 3G (UMTS 900, UMTS 2100) and 4G (LTE).
  • LTE transmission speeds: DL up to 86.4Mbps, UL up to 43.2Mbps.
  • The ability to manage company phones (Mobile Device Management) via a web panel.
  • A wide range of supplementary services (voice forwarding, voicemail, premium numbers).