Do you want to improve your customer service quality
and ensure convenient contact with your company?
Are you looking for a solution that will allow you
to effectively manage telesales?

Our hotline service provides you with the right tools to establish your own call centre or customer care, or manage telesales both in Poland and internationally.



An essential and reliable solution that offers your Customers the ability to contact your Company using numbers with 0-800 and 0-801 prefixes. Our hotline service provides you with the right tools to establish your own call centre or customer service centre, or conduct telephone sales of products and services both in Poland and internationally.



The hotline service can be easily provided in over 80 countries, improving your Company’s recognition on international markets.
You are able to independently create and easily configure communication patterns and scenarios tailored to the needs of your Company.


  • Quick and easy access to your company will increase the quality of the customer service, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • You receive an access number that is easy to recognise and remember, and which can be used to support advertising campaigns conducted both in Poland and 80 other countries.
  • With a call-routing and partial response automation, you will benefit from increased work efficiency and time saved.
  • You can easily monitor your hotline without any additional equipment.
  • A wide range of additional services: call routing, queuing, IVR and voicemail for optimal solution efficiency.
  • Both Domestic and International Hotlines are available in the Freephone package (free of charge). The Domestic Hotline is offered also as a Shared Cost service (the person calling shares the cost).
  • The system allows full integration with any switchboard in your company (or other access systems). The service can be setup and managed online.