Voice Platform
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Do you need a telecommunications service tailored
to your needs? Are you looking for a way to develop
and streamline telephone customer service or telesales?
Do you want to receive a single invoice for all voice services
at your company?

A brand new quality of communication at your company thanks to an advanced voice platform.


A reliable and modern system of fixed-line telecommunications is the foundation of your business, which allows you to communicate with your customers and within the company. Depending on the voice communication needs at your company, we will prepare a plan of expansion or development from scratch of a perfectly tailored system to enable the use of telephones at your company in a modern way by employing state-of-the-art technical solutions (hunting group, forwarding calls, teleconferences, number abbreviations, fax).



A landline telephone number is the foundation of any business – up to 90% of all corporate communication is based on voice. We offer you a professional solution – an advanced voice platform (e.g. a all centre with call recording).


    • We design and deliver a comprehensive telecommunications system tailored to your needs and expandable at any time.   
    • The system maintenance costs are predictable at any moment.
    • Thanks to the tailored infrastructure, your company can seamlessly pursue its business goals.  
  • You can keep the existing numbers and devices (telephones, PBXs) and create the numbers abbreviations scheme for the entire company, as well as take advantage of our wide range of supplementary services.
    • Easy integration of the platform with corporate applications i.e. CRM, Microsoft Exchange.
    • Wide selection of terminal devices and telecommunications interfaces (IP phones, analogue ports, digital interfaces ISDN) and supplementary services: IVR, administrator's panel, recording calls.   
  • Full utilisation and upgrade of the existing infrastructure by merging the existing system with new components.  
  • High call quality for stable voice without interferences.   
  • We take care of supporting the platform – you do not have to worry about software updates or failures.