Video Analysis
Protection and security
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Do you need a solution that enables you to control your company's operations, no matter where you are?
Do you want to improve technological and manufacturing processes in your company?

A smart monitoring analysis system for your company.



The Video Analysis system offered by T-Mobile is a modern analytical monitoring system that works well in any industry, including logistics, transport, construction, industry, commerce, security, manufacturing, as well as in Smart City and public space. The system not only watches and responds to predefined events, but also allows you to optimize processes in your work environment. The system is responsible for thermal imaging measurements, calculation of statistics, drawing conclusions and detection of threats well in advance. It monitors the environment on a 24/7 basis - its advanced video detection algorithms are located on the Data Center’s servers and make information available on an ongoing basis. It will easily track the baggage left at the airport and measure the body temperature of its owner, which is particularly important nowadays in the context of population migration.



We offer a comprehensive, fully scalable solution that provides not only computing power and data storage space, but most importantly, advanced Big Data analytics. The Video Analysis system offered by T-Mobile is based on wireless and wired data transmission, which can be delivered through a separate, properly secured network. Your company resources are collected in a private cloud based on a subscription model and are stored in Poland (at the T-Mobile Data Center). Moreover, the solution does not require any investment or IT support from you. The system supports real time transmission of images and information - you only need a device (mobile or stationary) with a Web access.

  • The solution is available as a ready-to-use system offered by T-Mobile for a subscription fee. We provide a complete solution and technical back-up facility - without any capital expenditures on the part of the Customer.
  • Corporate data is collected using a secure, fully scalable cloud model.
  • We provide all kinds of training.
  • We guarantee that the service is tailored to the customer's individual needs following a prior consultation and a site visit at the company's registered office.
  • The implementation of the system does not require any capital expenditures.
  • We offer technical support on a 24/7 basis.
  • Failure monitoring is proactive.
  • Your resources are protected by an encrypted, dedicated link, configured and operated as APN/VPN. This is particularly important during uploading and downloading of data to/from the Data Center.
  • The system works well both during the day and night, as well as indoors and outdoors.
  • It is possible to use the solution via a mobile or desktop application.
  • You store your corporate data in Poland with T-Mobile, the largest Data Center service provider.

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