Security Operations Center
Protection and security
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Security Operations

Do you want to know what cyberattacks occur in your systems and IT infrastructure?
Do you want to have full data on IT security of your company, all available in one system?
Do you want to react properly to IT security incidents?

Provide your company with a higher level of protection against cyberattacks thanks to IT risk management and monitoring of the state of the IT infrastructure safety.



Security Operations Center (SOC) includes IT risk analysis and monitoring of IT security incidents. It aims at detecting incidents related to cybersecurity and protection against cyberattacks. A qualified team of T-Mobile specialists, with the use of the latest available technological solutions and appropriately specified processes, reacts to cyberattacks posing a real threat to your business.

The SOC service provides the necessary knowledge on the state of the company’s IT security and protects it against cyberthreats.

The SOC service includes: ►

  • MONITORING, monitoring and investigation of security incidents 24x7x365 according to defined security scenarios, alert analysis and incident identification according to the specified SLA along with the assessment of influence on the Client’s IT environment. Periodic reports related to occurring security events and incidents.
  • SIEM, access to the SPLUNK system from T-Mobile’s cloud to which security incidents are sent from your company’s IT environment, including ready-to-use database of correlation rules.
  • INCIDENT RESPONSE, presentation of mitigation recommendations for limiting or elimination of risks, conducting operations aimed at solving incidents in accordance with the specified SLA. Creating reports summarising the actions taken.
  • THREAT INTELLIGENCE, access to the knowledge base on the latest cyber threats occurring in the world with reference to a given organisation. Regular information on the possible threats and planned attacks, on the proceedings in dealing with them and suggested security solutions.
  • ANALIZA MALWARE, analysis of malicious code, report specifying the characteristics of an attack (mass or targeted) and its functions (surveillance, file theft, encryption).
  • FORENSIC, post-incidental analysis, collecting evidence in accordance with the law. Creating a report specifying how malware has got into the system, are there any traces which would enable its identification.



  • A qualified team working 24/7/365 continuously monitors your company’s IT infrastructure and detects incidents from among security alerts on an ongoing basis.
  • T-Mobile has a long-term experience in the scope of security incident handling which guarantees that the solution is based on proven processes and latest technologies available on the market.
  • T-Mobile, which is a part of DT Group, uses the data on possible cyberthreats and incidents detected from all over Europe which allows for an early detection of attacks really threatening the company’s cybersecurity.
  • Necessary knowledge of your company’s IT security state.
  • Significant increase of protection of IT resources critical for your organization’s operations.
  • Compliance with standards and requirements related to IT security, among others, reporting incidents within 72 hours, in accordance with the GDPR regulation.
  • Reporting on demand for your company's managers and security department.
  • Payment in the subscription model – no high, one-off investment costs.
  • Minimization of the security incident handling time.
  • Aggregation and standardization of logs into one format from many IT systems enables their easy search.
  • Creating security scenarios considering the industry and specificity of your company’s operations.
  • Correlation of events from various systems according to defined scenarios enables effective detection of a possible safety incident.
  • Regular monitoring conducted by analysts in SOC allows for classification and recognition of an incident (including incident rejection (false positive)), as well as for a proper, and most of all, quick response.
  • Collecting and storing data in a safe environment (T-Mobile Data Center) gives an opportunity to conduct a historical analysis.
  • As part of the service, technological solutions (SPLUNK), recognized as the best on the market according to Gartner, are used.