Do you want to allocate your resources efficiently
and manage them optimally? Do you need to quickly
and smartly organise the work, and monitor it continuously? 
Do you want to cut the operational costs of your business?

Boost the effectiveness of managing your in-field team, improve the safety and cut the operational costs of the company by taking advantage of monitoring and localisation services.



SIM Monitoring and proAuto will enable you to efficiently manage and organise the work. With these solutions  downtime will be eliminated and  unnecessary costs cut, thus increasing the profitability of your services. A “generate report” feature of ProAuto will assist you in making strategic decisions regarding your vehicle fleet in order to save time and optimise expenses.



As part of the proAuto service we offer unique solutions that bring plain “monitoring” to a higher level (defining customised areas of movement, groups and subgroups of users, individual profiles associated with custom routes, overview of the current weather conditions and road traffic). The application is available on PCs and mobile devices (Android, iOS). The outstanding quality of maps provided by Navigo is yet another advantage.



Wondering what functionality  proAuto service offers?

Familiarize yourself with the services and see how easy it is to use it.



    • We offer a comprehensive solution: pay for the service, get the equipment as well, and optimise the expenses of the investment.
    • You can localise the employees and vehicles regardless of your current location, anytime and on a variety of devices.
  • Completely oversee the usage of your cars by monitoring their technical parameters.
  • Intuitive handling and displaying all localisation data on detailed maps provided by Navigo will greatly facilitate the use of the services.
    • Ongoing access to up-to-date data (parameters, maps) ensures smooth operation of the service.  
    • Integration with in-house systems (e.g. SAP) makes it possible to efficiently settle the costs (i.e. travel expenses).
    • The service is available on mobile devices (Android, iOS).
    • You can access the system data at any time and place.
  • T-Mobile offers you high quality transmission parameters (up to 50Mbps) – the stability of the service and its resistance to interferences can be taken for granted.
  • Intuitive and simple operation via a Web dashboard allows you to generate reports, statistics, set reminders (e.g. of check-ups) and alerts (e.g. speed limit or area limit violations).
  • You have access to three types of maps: satellite, vector and hybrid.