Mobile Device Management
Protection and security
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Mobile Device

Do you wish to create campaigns that go straight to proper recipients?
Do you focus on strengthening the awareness and image of your company as a modern and innovative one?
Do you want to win new clients and reach out to them in a proper time and place?

Manage all mobile devices in your company - phones, tablets and laptops - from one place.


Decide on a method of using devices to avoid unforeseen costs of roaming, paid apps, connections and text messages. Your company data will be safe – the employees will not be able to send messages and make unwanted phone calls. If a phone gets stolen, you will be able to remove data and block the device remotely.

Your employees will be allowed to use company phones and tablets only to perform their daily tasks. Data from all mobile devices will be copied and protected - you will never lose it. Owing to MDM (Mobile Device Management), your employees will be able to use company applications even if you do not provide them with a company phone or tablet.



Owing to the collaboration between T-Mobile and FancyFon - a leading designer of Mobile Device Management solutions - you will get a reliable service.


  • Your employees only use company applications, which enables them to fully concentrate on company tasks and improves their work efficiency.
  • You can be sure that corporate documents, e-mails, text messages and photos are protected against viruses, intrusions or loss.
  • You can decide on the manner of using company phones and tablets by your employees, which allows you to reduce maintenance costs of devices and prolong their useful life.
  • The service allows you to define the profiles of employee groups and specify configuration and applications available to a given employee in their profile.
  • Simultaneous remote access of several administrators to the dashboard allows the managing of your employees’ phones and tablets, regardless of their location.
  • You can create a store with your own applications dedicated to particular groups of employees.
  • In the case of unauthorized access to the device, some extra tools are available to you: key lock, remote formatting and safety codes (code strength is adjustable).
  • The service allows the tracing and monitoring of devices via GPS, Wi-Fi and Cell ID technologies.
  • You have access to the full history of using company phones and tablets and you can generate reports and statistics.