Urban Wi-Fi Hotspots
IoT, Smart City And Big Data
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Wi-Fi Hotspots

How to quickly, safely and cost-efficiently provide access to the Internet in the city?
How to enhance residents and tourists’ quality of life?

Provide residents and tourists with access to stable and broadband Internet via Wi-Fi in the urban space and means of public transportation.



Urban Wi-Fi hotspots enable residents and tourists to use the Internet in public urban spaces: schools, hospitals, public institutions and means of public transportation such as buses, trams, trolleybuses or fast urban railway cars.

Wi-Fi hotspots can be used as a tool to communicate with residents and tourists. Those who have logged in to the homepage can view:

  • important information for residents,
  • tips related to interesting places,
  • information about forthcoming events in the city or nearby.



The service also provides statistics and allows the analysis of Internet use by users logging in to the network. Additionally, integrated safeguards control and block access to undesired web pages, which serves the protection of the youngest Internet users in particular.

Wi-Fi hotspots also represent an ever more eagerly used advertising space due to the possibility of promoting, e.g. local entrepreneurs, institutions, restaurants or other entities.

Applications in public transportation:

  • Wi-Fi devices included in the service can be used in public transport traction vehicles that require special approval certificates.
  • It is possible to implement a modern urban passenger information system based on Wi-Fi devices installed in the vehicles.


  • The service is provided in the subscription model, which means that there is no need to purchase the system right away, and the subscription fees are charged each month.
  • The solution enables cities and entire municipalities to install a greater number of Hotspots in the urban space and municipal institutions, thus providing access to the network in numerous locations, which adds to the city’s image.
  • Quick installation of Hotspots across the city.
  • T-Mobile offers constant supervision and maintenance of the service and devices, therefore the system is stable and maintains its operating parameters.
  • In case of failure, the maintenance team responds immediately.
  • Quick installation of Hotspots - the Operator’s LTE network is recommended as the Internet solution. In this way the device installation process will be shorter and the related costs lower.
  • HotSpots are remotely managed, therefore it is possible to:                                                                  

    - adjust the transmission speed dynamically,

    - protect the network from external attacks,

    - assign each HotSpot to several networks and SSID,

    - control access to undesired pages.
  • The Operator guarantees proper operation of the entire service and takes care for its safeguards.
  • It is possible to set up additional HotSpots if extra bandwidth is needed (e.g. during a mass event).
  • Two types of HotSpots are available: indoor and outdoor; they have the same functionality and transmission parameters.