Smart Waste Management
IoT, Smart City And Big Data
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Waste Management

Do you want to reduce waste collection costs at your company?
Do you want the residents of your city to be fully satisfied with the quality of the services offered?

Effective waste management optimization.


Municipal waste disposal management of assisted by remote measurement of container filling levels and by an integrated application.

Remote measurement is performed using ultrasonic sensors in Narrowband-IoT technology.


The first commercial Narrowband-IoT network dedicated to the Internet of Things available in Poland, operating based on the LTE 800 MHz licensed radio band.

The technology is available throughout Poland and in the countries of the Deutsche Telekom Group members.

The NB-IoT network offers excellent coverage in hard-to-reach areas where meters and IoT sensors have been installed, with minimal energy consumption.

  • Waste bin emptying frequency optimisation of the to reduce waste collection costs due to lower number of journeys made by municipal vehicles,
  • The solution is environment-friendly through reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to optimised waste collection,
  • Residents’ comfort improvement thanks to effective prevention of containers’ overfill,
  • Planning of the optimal route for the journeys of waste collection vehicles, as well as detection of tipping over, fire or theft of containers through the integrated application.
  • An option of securing access to containers with the use of readers identifying end users,
  • Fire safety enhancement through the installation of temperature sensors in the containers,
  • Effective management of an extensive network of containers located over a large area – e.g. for second-hand clothing,
  • Easy installation,
  • An option of running operations for many years without battery replacement thanks to the energy-efficient NB-IoT network.