Smart Street Lighting
IoT, Smart City And Big Data

Street Lighting

How to reduce costs related to urban lighting?
How to improve pedestrian and driver safety in the city?

Improve visibility in the streets and urban safety through LED lighting.



Changing the lighting from traditional sodium fixtures to LED ones, along with the control system, improves safety and facilitates management of the urban lighting system.



  • Efficient and energy-saving LED lamps.
  • Control system that allows remote control of each lamp.
  • The control system utilizes the state-of-the-art Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology, which compared to systems operating by means of cable transmission (PLC) is more reliable and easier to activate.


  • Urban lighting upgrade with the use of EU funds.
  • Reduced electrical power consumption: replacing fixtures with LED ones will reduce electric power costs by 40%, and additional 30% of savings may come from implementing the lighting control system.
  • Much lower CO2 emissions.
  • Lower lamp servicing costs.
  • Improved urban safety. Proper illumination of streets and roads improves the visibility of vehicles, pedestrians and objects. It contributes to enhancing safety and translates into a lower number of maintenance interventions.
  • LED lamps emit light that resembles daylight, which greatly improves the visibility of objects, vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles on roads and pavements; the light emitted by LED fixtures reflects colours more accurately; this means better recognition of objects and persons and, in consequence, improved safety.
  • Automatic inventorying of each lamp in the management system and monitoring the operating parameters of the fixture (current, voltage, temperature, etc.). Therefore, it allows a quick reaction to any malfunctions.
  • A possibility of integrating lamps with motion sensors or traffic incident sensors. This enables the control of brightness in non-standard conditions (e.g. a detected traffic incident triggers increased brightness at the scene). This improves visibility and safety.