Smart City Surveillance
IoT, Smart City And Big Data

Smart City

How to improve urban safety?
How to reduce surveillance costs?

Improving urban safety through state-of-the-art surveillance technologies.



The service enables the city to make use of surveillance cameras in conjunction with a broad range of state-of-the-art modules that automatically detect the most hazardous situations, in order to improve incident detectability indicators without the need to expand management and surveillance system handling teams.

Moreover, the applied algorithms allow:
  • the counting of persons and vehicles, including the direction of travel,

  • the identification of registration plates and exercising access control (entry/exit),

  • human and vehicle traffic analysis,

  • colour analytics.



The offered solution makes use of the advanced videodetection algorithms, i.e. automatic detection of hazardous situations such as:

  • intrusion into a closed area,
  • brawl,
  • a person tipping over,
  • animals in the street,
  • an unguarded object,
  • vandalism (damaging facades or bus stops)
  • and plenty more.


  • Considerable increase in the detectability of hazardous events - from max. 60% when using traditional surveillance systems to over 90% when using videodetection.
  • Reduced operating costs related to system maintenance by as much as 60% compared to traditional systems.
  • A possibility of increasing the number of system cameras without the need to increase service costs.
  • The service is available in a fixed monthly subscription fee model.
  • T-Mobile guarantees the front line of handling notifications and alerts generated by the system, which considerably increases the effectiveness of detecting hazardous situations and lets surveillance personnel focus on true hazards
  • A possibility of using the existing (fixed) cameras and incorporating them into the smart system.
  • The system operates via a secured LTE network - lower costs of infrastructure compared to traditional solutions.
  • Connecting cameras only requires power supply.