IoT, Smart City And Big Data
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Do you run a store in a shopping centre, want to open a restaurant, or maybe you are planning an investment project in your region?
Do you want to know the potential of your business's future or existing location?
Do you want to discover the needs of potential customers and tailor your offer to their individual needs?

Find out who your customers are and expand your business!



With Big Data Traffic Analysis, you will learn the potential of an existing or planned location, profile and shopping patterns of your and your competitors' customers.



Data used in Big Data Traffic Analysis from T-Mobile, in contrast to traditional location analysis, ensure the most reliable reflection of the behavioural patterns of existing and potential customers.

With the integration of the database of over 6 million mobile phone users with marketing consents (GDPR compliant), consulting experience, expertise and regular cooperation with market leaders in various industries, Big Data Traffic Analysis offers a unique solution.


  • With Big Data Traffic Analysis, you will optimize the costs of your business.
  • You will easily tailor the offer to the group of existing and future customers.
  • You will see through competitors and respond quickly to the changing conditions of your business environment.
  • You will discover thoroughly the tourism potential of your region and create attractive tourist infrastructure in your area.

We provide analysis data in the form of aggregated and anonymized numerical data and/or in the form of a comprehensive report with data visualization.

We build each analysis based on an individual customer profile, tailored to the specific industry of your business.

In preparing analyses, we can rely on data from the last 12 months.

Our analyses feature the following information:

  • TRAFFIC SCALE – the number of T-Mobile subscribers detected in whole-market scale, it allows to determine the average number of visits and their repeatability in a given place, find out the size of the target audience, analyse the workings of promotional campaigns and set marketing goals for the future.
  • CO-VISITING – the opportunity to learn about other places and locations visited by subscribers detected in the location of your choice.
  • TRAFFIC SOURCES – the impact of a shopping centre through the use of catchment area data.
  • PROFILES – the option to create a unique profile based on customer age, location, telecommunications billing category, shopping centre visit frequency, travel and many more relevant factors.
  • AREA POTENTIAL – the option to estimate your business opportunities with the area potential based on demographics, working population figures, competitors' business, traffic generators and many other components.

Example of a shopping centre catchment analysis:

  1. Definition of the behavioural catchment area (BCA) and its comparison against the destination area and/or other catchment area definitions (where specified by the customer).
  2. Area division into core and minor one based on the analysis of regular customer penetration
  3. BCA potential determined by:
    • Number of resident
    • Number of jobs (working population)
    • Age structure
    • Average income
    • Average household size
    • Building structure (detached houses, etc.)
  4. Penetration map – percentage of area-specific residents who visited the centre in the analysed period
  5. Loyal and occasional customer penetration