Symmetric Internet
Internet Access
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Is your company expanding?
Does the number of employees and tasks keep growing?
Are you switching to corporate software that does not need to be installed?
Do you want all your customers to have access to a server with a website for ordering and checking the status of orders?
Do you want to backup important company data to protect them against loss?
Do you wonder how to establish your own private network?

Symmetric Internet is an Internet access service in which files and data are always uploaded and downloaded at the same speed, and the bandwidth availability is guaranteed by an agreement.



Thanks to this service you will no longer worry that your customers are unable to quickly place an order. Your employees will gain access to the latest cloud-based office applications. You will also be able to quickly create backups of files that can be accessed even from your home.

The speed of uploading and downloading files will always remain the same thus improving the comfort of your field employees and customers.



Your Internet will always be accessible and fast enough. You can enjoy a network connection with outstanding parameters even if your company is located outside urban areas.


  • Your employees will receive a basic tool for efficient and simultaneous connection to the Internet.
  • The connection will be reliable. This will allow you to quickly transfer and archive files.
  • Stable communication at your company will facilitate efficient processing of orders.




Internet symmetric allows printing company for effective and fast sending projects to customers and between their offices. This allows the company always delivers projects on time.

  • A printing company that employs 15 people has a sales office located 30 km away from its production site that operates 24/7. Both locations communicate via the Internet.
  • The company had adopted a development model that allowed it to take a share of the marketing services market by offering web design services and handling local online marketing campaigns.

By moving its servers to a T-Mobile data centre, the company has overcome the issues related to the operator's access to the Internet and eliminated the problem of platform inaccessibility due to power outages at the sales office. In this case the monthly cost of the collocation solution amounts to approx. PLN 800. The price includes access to the Internet, U-shelves for server mounting, powering and cooling, and remote hands services.

  • Customisable bandwidth that meets your needs, from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps, as well as symmetric upload and download at all times.
  • Fixed public IP addressing that allows you to connect with the office computers from remote locations.
  • An option to enable BGP to create backup links that switch automatically in case of a failure.
  • Additional IP addresses that you can use to host a web server or file server