Symmetric Internet
Internet Access
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Does your company have several branches that need to communicate with each other?
Do you want to share applications and data with users over the Internet regardless of their location and time?
Are you using a cloud-based business model?
To what extent the efficiency and reliability of communication over the Internet affect your business results?

Stable, guaranteed Internet access for your office will facilitate the work of your employees with cloud-based applications and their collaboration with other users on the Web.


Symmetric Internet is a quick and efficient Internet connection for your company. Your employees will be provided with easy access to data and applications on the Web, including cloud-based ones. Fixed speed of data transfer in both directions will facilitate the communication with the customers and those of your employees working remotely.



We provide you with a service with guaranteed parameters (bandwidth, latency, availability), which really improves the efficiency of your business. We use our proprietary telecommunications network, with no third parties involved, so the line at your office will always be fast enough and seamlessly customisable.


  • A basic tool to help you achieve your business objectives and your employees to complete their tasks without interruption. Noticeable increase of work productivity at the office.
  • Reliable top-performance connection that will enable your employees to send files, archive data or use the Internet and other communications solutions with confidence.
  • Savings – you receive a high quality service for a competitive price. You can be sure that you will never miss a deal because of a connection failure.




This is an example calculation of costs for a large company, which has switched to safe and reliable internet connection. The service allows the implementation and testing of new communication solutions without risks typically associated with a regular internet connection.

A manufacturing company employs 500 people, including 50 field sales. The company has 4 production sites and a head office.

  • Three production sites have 3 small server rooms (with up to 10 servers) that store manufacturing information, provide backup for the data, and access to the ERP system.
  • The head office stores the ERP system database, the environment for HR systems and the test environment (3 racks).

The consolidation of its environments allowed the company to reduce its infrastructure – IT platforms have been quickly and efficiently relocated by T-Mobile to a secure Data Center. This improved the security and stability of server operation, freed up space that originally used for IT purposes, helped to organise the infrastructure, and reduced the costs of powering and cooling the hardware. As it was no longer necessary to maintain infrastructure, server administrators were given other IT-related tasks and the IT department also gained access to virtualisation platforms that are now used to test new implementations. Based on the virtualisation platform, the IT department established the corporate intranet and launched the company's website.

The monthly price for this solution, including cross-charges for the electricity, for powering and cooling, amounts to an estimated PLN 15,500. The price includes Remote hands services and the access to our office rooms.

  • Continuous monitoring of the parameters of your line – on-line control of the parameters.
  • Possibility to protect the resources against cyber attacks by choosing supplementary protection services (e.g. DDoS Protection).
  • Bandwidth that meets your needs, from 1Mbps to 10Gbps, customisable on request, depending on your current requirements.
  • Availability of BGP.
  • Additional fixed public IP addressing for connecting to the office resources from anywhere on the Web and at any time.