DSL Internet
Internet Access
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Are you looking for a small office internet solution
for an affordable price? Do you want to create
on your own a secure and private network that would
connect the branches of your company?

Fast, fixed-line internet link with unlimited data transfer. With this connection you will be able to access your office from any place on the Internet.


Providing an unlimited data transfer, DSL Internet is a basic service of quick access to the Web intended for smaller companies and branches with several employees. This will enable your employees to effectively use the Internet, transfer files, share resources and take advantage of state-of-the-art communication solutions (e.g. Unified Communications). Since the existing telephone line is used as broadband, the installation is no longer cumbersome. 



We will provide you with a line perfectly suited for small offices and businesses. This solution is stable and economical, and there are no data transfer limits.


    • Upon launching your business, you will provide your employees with basic work and communication tools i.e. the means of implementing orders and serving customers.
    • The increased efficiency of work thanks to stable access to the Internet in the office will foster the growth of your business.
  • You decide which employees and workgroups use the line.
  • Providing your employees with DSL-based Internet access does not require the development of any infrastructure, and is fast and simple.
    • Asymmetric access line for data transfer speed up to 20 Mb/s for quick download of data.
    • Network Address Translation (NAT) for connecting multiple users.
    • Up to five fixed IP addresses provides you with flexibility in configuring the architecture of your network.
  • Public fixed IP addresses that enable the access to your company's resources from any place.
  • Two connection options: via Wi-Fi or RJ45 interface