Is productivity at your company a priority for you? Would you like to measure and get reports quickly and inexpensively? Do you need to manage the monitoring and alarm systems remotely? Are you considering optimising the usage of your car fleet by continuous location tracking and usage monitoring?

Telemetry is a service enabling effective communication between devices at your company so that you can monitor, manage and control your distributed equipment, i.e.: a car fleet, payment terminals, utility meters or urban infrastructure.



The Telemetry service by T-Mobile enables safe, reliable and cost-effective data exchange via a mobile network. This service is frequently used in the following sectors: energy industry (meter controlling and reading), security (facility monitoring), transport (vehicle fleet management), urban infrastructure (controlling traffic and street lighting) or forestry (detecting fires).



The T-Mobile's network that covers 14 countries, coupled with the company's international experience in the development of telemetry services guarantee safe and reliable functioning of your M2M solution. You may choose a local or international SIM card to benefit from the coverage of all the operators in Poland. You can manage the service via a dedicated website.


    • You can efficiently monitor corporate resources (vehicles, equipment, buildings) so as to eliminate abuse, increase safety and reduce the costs of operation.
    • You can take quick and remote readouts of all kinds of meters (energy, water, gas) in order to limit losses of utilities and cases of theft, and reduce the costs of readouts.
  • You can improve logistics, transport, ordering and warehouse management, and plan deliveries more efficiently.
  • You can improve the comfort and safety of life in the city with smart traffic and street lighting control (smart city)
    • As Telemetry uses a dedicated APN subnet, the data exchange is private and secure.
    • The service works on the basis of a special plan (Telemetry 10) optimised for the volume of data and communication method (e.g. data transmission, SMS).
  • A dedicated website that allows you to monitor the quality of service, prevent abuse and control costs facilitates the management of the service.
  • Management of the service via API enables integration with your in-house IT environment.