Leased Line
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Are you looking for a solution for smooth transmission of voice, data and/or video?
Are you developing your own PABX?
Do you want to quickly and efficiently exchange data between the branches of your company?

Connect two offices with a safe point-to-point connection and benefit from the highest quality of transmission supporting applications especially those latency-sensitive.



With this service you will be able to establish a high-performance international network. The offered solution is particularly suitable for the transmission of sensitive data that need to be sent without any delay, so that you can enjoy top quality voice and video communication.



This service supports the traditional system proven in many companies i.e. videoconferences that require ISDN PRA. It is the traditional way of expanding infrastructure.


  • If your company uses systems that do not support the latest transmission protocols (i.e. Ethernet), then you will be able to maintain the continuity of the systems without additional outlays.
  • With the T-Mobile network and its international coverage you will access the service from any place in Poland and all over Europe.

  • Enjoy the smooth operation of applications that require minimum data transmission latency.
  • We offer real time transmission required by business applications (e.g. audio-video systems).
  • You can connect PBX networks.
  • You can customise the service to meet the requirements of your company (SDH/PDH links with E1, nxE1, E3, STM1, STM3 bandwidth are available).
  • Suitable for special use: connecting LANs, corporate networks, and for data transmission or the development of your own PABX networks.
  • Permanent assignment of a transmission channel in an SDH network.
  • Bandwidth of 2Mbps or n x 2Mbps.
  • Digital, synchronised transmission of any type of data.