Are you looking for a solution that will allow
your company to exchange data with possibly
best quality, e.g. latency-sensitive data?
Do you need to send large volumes of data?
Do you pay much attention to smooth operation
of critical systems at your company.

Take advantage of outstanding quality of transmission to enable seamless operation of your systems and applications.


The Lambda service will allow you to send data of various types on a point-to-point basis. Replicate your basic environment to a backup one, efficiently implement a recovery action plan in case of a crisis, effectively respond to emergencies involving your systems, create quick backups, and provide your employees with reliable operation of critical applications.



The LAMBDA service offers the highest bandwidths available on the market
and transmission parameters of outstanding quality. Lambda is based upon an extensive, state-of-the-art and continuously improved proprietary T-Mobile network covering Central and Eastern Europe.


  • You pay no costs of establishing and maintaining of your own infrastructure.
  • Quality control and assurance that are critical to your systems are taken care of by T-Mobile.
  • Stable operation of the service at all times and regardless of the volume of transmitted data.
    • The service is based on the DWDM infrastructure (it supports a number of standards that enable bandwidths up to 100 Gb/s).
    • It enables efficient operation of even the most demanding business applications.
    • It is available at all international Points of Presence (PoPs).
    • You can carry out tasks that require low latency packet transmission (e.g. the deployment of networked mass storage media between data centres, expansion of proprietary backbone network infrastructure, implementation of Disaster Recovery solutions).
  • You have complete control over the operation of mission-critical applications and benefit from the technical support by 24/7/365 Service Management Centre engineers.
  • You can use the service for live streaming of video