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Do you need a fast, reliable and flexible connection 
between all the branches of your company, 
even international ones?  Do you want to establish 
a private network separated from the Internet?

With IP VPN your field employees, branches and associates will have simultaneous access to all corporate documents, also outside the offices.



The IP VPN service will connect all your employees, computers and documents into a complete, secure system.
With IP VPN's customisable priorities your key files and data will be transferred faster and more efficiently than everything else.
Until recently this service had been earmarked for big corporations, but now it is available for companies of any size.



You waste no time for servicing and repairs – T-Mobile takes care of the supervision and maintenance of the network.
You will avoid paying large costs of installation and maintenance of your network.


  • You will provide your employees with secure and convenient means of work and communication.
  • Your field personnel , regardless of their location, will enjoy the same access to documents, files and programs as your office employees.
  • You do not need to buy any equipment nor outsource any additional IT work.
  • You benefit from comfort and security. This will enable you to focus on running your business and not worry about IT.




With the IP VPN functionality the company connects all its facility and transmits efficiently important information between them.

  • A medium-sized company with a head office and 5 branches maintains a small IT department that supports the company's basic operations.
  • Since the employees have no time to handle low-level aspects of IT, some activities, i.e. the management of the corporate network, are outsourced.

The company's private and secure network interconnects the LANs of all the branches. The head office requires a broader, 20 Mbps symmetric link, whereas the branches need asymmetric 2 Mbps links. For approx. PLN 3,000 per month the company enjoys seamless communication between the branches – the network is administered by T-Mobile thus freeing up the company's IT human resources.

  • The network will be fast, reliable and secure – your computer will no longer be exposed to viruses and leakage of valuable data outside the company.
  • Your employees will be able to use local Internet access in company offices connected by T-Mobile into one secure network with encrypted data flows.
  • If you ever attempted to use IP SEC technology on your own to create a corporate VPN you probably faced obstacles: sophisticated configurations, hardware or software. Get rid of those obstacles and save time by having T-Mobile manage your network.
  • Do you consider your asymmetric links in the offices insufficient for use in a IP VPN network? As part of the service, T-Mobile provides appropriate traffic management to adapt the link to your current needs.
  • This service allows you to transfer any kind of data: voice, images, files, mail, web, applications.
  • Mobile access to the corporate network (via laptops or smartphones) that enables operation in the field.